[edit] Ubuntu on the N900

See main page here Ubuntu on the N900

[edit] Random notes

sed script to add spaces before each line in a file, thanks to joerg_rw [1]

cat icon|sed 's/^/ /' > iconedited

[edit] Packaging

I've written a small wiki page on how to package apps for maemo, it might be easier to understand than the main Packaging tutorial found on the wiki, it can be found here [2]

[edit] Work on maemo

This list isn't complete as I never logged what I did.

  • hildon-desktop with faster scrolling [3]
  • hildon-status-menu with 6 rows instead of 5 [4]
  • h-e-n GUI (GUI ONLY!) [5]
  • PSFreedom UI (again, UI only!) [6]
  • Maemo 5 Community SSU (not yet announced officially) [7]
  • man-db on the N900 [8]
  • aptitude package manager [9] (needs library fix(!))
  • Synaptic package manager [10]
  • Ubuntu on the N900 [11] (status = Stalled)
  • Flashing KB LED Patterns [12]
  • hildon-status-menu in portrait mode [13]
  • Basic QtBrowser [14]

[edit] Qt examples

I'd like to thank whoever helped me with Qt; alterego, Venemo, and w00t :)

I've written some (one, for now) examples on Qt apps, you can find them here (licensed under GPLv3):

Qt Countdown, a UI, with a label in the centre, and a status bar that shows the status of the countdown, the label is updated with a countdown from 10 to 0 [15]