Just some notes to keep things somewhere


[edit] Some scripts

  • User:Nbc/W32g auto toggle to 2g/3g when wifi is connected/disconnected

[edit] Customizations

[edit] agenda synchronization with kronolith/funambol

At work we use horde/kronolith for webmail/agenda and funambol 7 to sync with mobile. The funambol link is I've no access to the funambol configuration and I know almost nothing about calendar synchronization. After some tries I have a good syncevolution configuration

- install syncevolution.

Be careful, as you need to use extra-testing or extra-devel dangerous repositories you must read carefully the wiki page about them.

- use the gui to create a new source, we will use these parameters :

Service name : garone (just a private pun)
Template : Funambol
username : ...
password : ...

after creation, finish

- enter this source and edit it (in the menu)

Sync URL : 
Web URL  :
Contacts, Tasks and Notes synchronization : Disabled
Calendar database : ical
Calendar source : N900 (or another one if you've created it)
Calendar synchronization : Normal sync

Last but not least, here comes the last steps in order to be able to Verify the server certificate against the CA cert.

$ cd /home/user/.config/syncevolution/garone \
  && wget -OCA.pem --no-check-certificate https://url_of_CA_cert \
  && perl -pi -e 's|^(SSLVerifyServer\s*=\s*)0|${1}1|' config.ini \
  && perl -pi -e 's|^(SSLServerCertificates\s*=\s*).*|$1/home/user/.config/syncevolution/garone/CA.pem|' config.ini

You can check the whole thing with:

$ grep ^SSL config.ini
SSLServerCertificates = /home/user/.config/syncevolution/garone/CA.pem
SSLVerifyServer = 1

...and obviously if you fire up a synchronization. Starting with MicroB, you'll be able to browse sync logs at file:///home/user/.cache/syncevolution/

At the moment I've seen no problem. Recurring events work, two way (normal) sync works quite well too.

That's all folks

[edit] automatic OTA sync with fcron

I like automation. When I wake up I want to take my n900 with fresh podcasts, a calendar synced without thinking about it. Thanks to User:Ruskie it's very easy to do that with fcron.

 cat /home/user/bin/night_sync
 # TODO: find a way to test against the wifi ESSID/network name
 IP=`/sbin/ifconfig wlan0 | grep "inet addr" | awk -F: '{print $2}' | awk '{print $1}'`
 # exit if it's not my wifi network
 if [ "X$IP" != "X$HOMEIP" ]; then
 	echo "`date` not at home"
 	exit 0
 echo "`date` at home"
 # add things here
 /usr/bin/syncevolution --quiet agenor
 /usr/bin/gpo update
 /usr/bin/gpo download

and in fcron (fcrontab -e) :

 %nightly,mail(no) * 5-6 su - user -c "/home/user/bin/night_sync > /tmp/night_sync.log 2>&1"

[edit] Icons placement

Change snap_to_grid to 16 in /usr/share/hildon-desktop/transitions.ini to easily align icons.


[edit] D-Bus

[edit] Various Commands

  • automatically connect
 # find the connection name
 gconftool-2 -R /system/osso/connectivity/IAP
 # connect it
 dbus-send --type=method_call --system /com/nokia/icd string:"IAP" uint32:0
  • is there a phone call now ?
dbus-send --system --dest="" --print-reply=literal "/com/nokia/csd/call/1" ""
  uint32 0

If this command return is 0 there's a call online.

[edit] Reminders

Some things I want to keep in mind

[edit] un-ignore package update

 rm ~/.hildon-application-manager/{seen,tapped}-updates

== how to not index podcast in mediaplayer

Add /home/user/MyDocs/Podcasts/ to the NoWatchDirectory line in the tracker config file/home/user/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg