Steve works in Ottawa for 'them' (you know, 'them'...) and is a trust scientist and HCI researcher with computer science and psychology backgrounds.

He uses his N810 as a complete laptop replacement, and hasn't looked back since leaving behind that old macbook (his back especially thanks him).

The only reasons he's getting an N900 are:

  • It's capable of the same, faster.
  • It has a bit more storage
  • It has TV Out so he can do his presentations on the fly without the need for an additional machine
  • It's quite cool

But he'll still keep his N810 cos it's pretty cool too, and although the N900 is a one box solution, the N810 tagging along adds little weight and lots of capabilities for multitasking.

He is currently working on the new users page and figuring out what a new user FAQ page might look like (in his ideas page).

Steve's t.m.o. page is at [1]