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Hi I write you about the wiki « Updating The Firmware ». At the 1.3.1 section titled « N900: XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2) / Windows 7 » you wrote « It is possible to flash the N900 directly without using the Nokia Software Updater (NSU). This is handy when you like to update the device with the same firmware that is already installed on the N900 (reflash). The NSU will update only if there is a version newer than the one installed on the device ». But, today, I flash my N900 with NSU and it was not a newer version but the same.

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Hi, perhaps a newer version of the NSU allows that. When I used the the NSU afew weeks ago, it wouldn't update the firmware and give an error something like 'Already the latest version'. What version of the NSU are you running? and what OS? feel free to update the wiki with this new info. thanks.

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Thanks for your quick answer. I don't want to update the wiki because I am a newbie with N900. You know, it was christmas...

The NSU version is v1.8.10fr, the OS is windows XP Professional. I reflash with 1.2009.42-11.