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[edit] DSP

[edit] Get dsp-tremor working

Have moved back to almost original lowmem-no-byte code, and back to sparse buffers (i.e. 8bits in each 16bit char) The problem is that I'm running out of memory, need to see what can be saved, and perhaps move some not-often-used stuff back to the original slab-allocator (which I thought was causing problems with buffer corruption, and I didn't think it would be too fast)

[edit] Get dsp-mp3 working

I was forwarded some code by Siarhei Siamashka for a c55 mp3 decoder. Am working to get this plumbed in with the DSP Gateway

[edit] EAP sink

Reverse engineer the EAP functions from, e.g. the pcm sink pcm.o, and create a stand along PCM sink.

[edit] OpenMAX-style changes to decoder tasks

With a stand alone pcm sink, and an existing sbc sink (see my dsp-sbc Garage project), it would be possible (once a decoder of some sort is finished, i.e. mp3 or tremor) to keep all of the data on the DSP to avoid repeatedly copying back and forth to the ARM. I hope this will improve the usability of the sbc encoder task and allow it to be used with mplayer (atm it kills the video framerate; sound works fine though ;)

[edit] Maemo summit presentation

Make this available somewhere ( Make my longer explanation available somewhere too, once finished.

[edit] Mapping

OSM tile and route server to use with maemo-mapper

[edit] VGA output

Look at how the XServer works, how to only update regions of the screen which have changed Look at the speed of the usb connection, if this is the limitation and it could be improved, there would be little need of the above.