User talk:Sunyi0225

we want to do a tracker extractor support full-text index like text,sms,email in n900.we hope use lucene's full-text index extractor for reference,and improve the manner on sms,email considering their characteristic.because our mother languege is chinese,so if time is comfortable ,we will also do a Analyzer for chinese.

we hope it is helper for others and can unite the metedata extractor and full-text extractor in tracker.

we are two master in beijing univerity of post and telecommunication .we have being coding in maemo in two years.we also want to achieve a search system for everything in maemo.we know tracker is a built-in index tool in maemo,but it doesn't support full-text search(or just there is not extractor).so we want to do a extractor for it.

if can any help for us,please contact will us in


SunYi and WangGuan