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[edit] MemVenatus

Multi-player memory game based on Qt.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Solitaire

Match all pairs in the fewest number of turns.

[edit] Two players

Two players using in same screen, the one that pairs more cards wons.

[edit] Two players over the network

  • Standard - Two players using different screens with the same cards, the one that pairs more cards wons.
  • Tags - In each turn one of the players choose a 'secret' tag, images with that tag are pulled from the web (flickr,...) to populate the game screens for both players.

[edit] Deck of cards

[edit] Standard

Collection of images stored locally with a small description/theme. Images from contacts/cam can be also used.

[edit] Tags

Collection of images temporarily pulled from the web related to a given tag.