Wii remote

There are numerous ways to achieve control of the N900 using a wii remote. Please have a look at this talk.maemo.org thread.

The method described here uses cwiid and wminput. This method is an expansion on the instructions provided here by the user thp, who re-packaged cwiid.

  1. gain root access:
  2. install cwiid-utils from extras-devel:
    apt-get install cwiid-utils
  3. if not already installed, install python-cwiid:
    apt-get install python-cwiid
  4. execute the following two commands:
    modprobe uinput
    chmod a+rw /dev/input/uinput
  5. create a config file. The file below is for controlling the built-in media player
    Wiimote.Left    = KEY_LEFT
    Wiimote.Right   = KEY_RIGHT
    Wiimote.A       = KEY_SPACE
    Wiimote.B       = KEY_SPACE
    Wiimote.Minus   = KEY_F7
    Wiimote.Plus    = KEY_F8

    The code was saved in /home/user/.cwiid/wminput/mediaplayer. This is one of the places that gets searched by wminput as detailed here

  6. once saved, ensure Bluetooth is on and simply execute:
    wminput -c mediaplayer

    from the command line. Then press the 1 and 2 buttons on thhe wii remote and the command line should say ready after a little while. Once done simply start the media player. Once started simply use the wii remote buttons to control it. You can skip songs (forward and backward), pause/play and change volume.

If you want to carry out some coding using python and wii remote look here

Here is also some further useful links: