2012 Device Program

Nokia is sponsoring a maemo.org device program consisting of 60 Nokia N9 + 40 Nokia N950 with free delivery.

One of the goals of this program is to help reducing the list of missing apps (or alternatives & related features).

The devices will be distributed through 4 activities:

  • 25 devices for the maemo.org Coding Competition.
  • 25 devices for the maemo.org Community Awards.
  • 25 devices for existing community apps being published at the Nokia Store.
  • 25 devices for Qt 5 mobile projects.

75% of these devices should be in the hands of their new owners by the end of June. The Coding Competition runs through the Summer and the prizes will be awarded at the end.

The details of each of these programs are being discussed as we speak. Watch this wiki page and follow the related threads for details and involvement.


Coding Competition

Community Awards

Community Awards (short. CA) are meant to be way of recognising people, that, for months/years contributed - and continuously contribute - to Maemo Community. Unlike other programs, target audience of CA aren't only developers - suitable candidates include (also) dedicated testers, helpers, hardware modders, contributing participants of brainstorms and so goes on. Usually, it's a mix of all presented above.

Please check the Wiki page for more details.

New Apps for Nokia Store

There are many interesting applications for the Nokia N9 that can be found in the community channels but no at the Nokia Store. Some of them would be well received by the N9 users at large, don't you think? This activity brings an incentive for community developers to cover that last mile.

Apply at New Apps for Nokia Store.

Qt 5 Mobile Projects

We are looking for brave & experienced developers willing to port or develop apps running on top of Qt 5 before its finally release. Currently Qt 5 alpha is released, the beta version is expected during June and the final in August/September.

The main motivations for this activity are mixture of:

  • Helping testing Qt 5 itself and providing feedback while it's alpha/beta.
  • Helping testing the Qt 5 libraries for the Nokia N9.
  • Getting stories of real apps ported from Qt 4 to Qt 5. Trivial? Horrible? What are the pain points? And what about Qt Creator and the documentation available?
  • Getting developers to play with the new toys: Qt Quick 2, textures, transitions, graphics / video effects, raw OpenGL ES stuff, post-Mobility APIs, the new Qt WebKit, JSON DB, ongoing R&D on PhoneGap own JQuery based experiments...

This is the same motivation we have for the QtonPi program, but for mobile development the N9 provides a touch display and many more sensors and hardware features that bare bones boards are missing.

Quim Gil coordinates.

How to apply

  1. A new thread will be created at the talk.maemo.org Developers forum.
  2. Developers with a good Qt development track must apply to that thread pointing to any of these sources:
    • Your Qt 4 applications, all the better if they are ready for mobile e.g. with QML UI.
    • Your maemo.org profile, Qt DevNet profile, Ohloh profile or anything showing who are you and what have you done in terms of development and community involvement.

Convincing applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.