Community Awards



Thanks to Nokia's '12 Device Program (see TMO thread), we have 25 devices for Community Awards (10 N950's and 15 N9's).

The purpose of these awards is to recognize people that, for months/years have contributed, and continuously contribute, to Maemo Community.

A TMO thread is open to comment about this initiative.


Unlike other programs, target audience of Community Awards aren't only developers. Suitable candidates include (also) dedicated testers, helpers, hardware modders, contributing participants of brainstorms and so goes on. Usually, it's a mix of all presented above.

Please, bear in mind, that this is not a lottery and only people whose merits are well proven, have chances for receiving device.


Any member of can self-nominate to receive one device, from the Community Awards program. Accepting submissions will start at Monday, 28 May, 00:00 UTC, and will last for 3 weeks.

Only self-submissions are allowed, and they will be valid only if made via community mailing list. Submissions may contain rationale - short description of Your deeds for Community - but it's not required, as the Council will check history of candidate's contributions.

Submission must specify if someone is interested only in N950 or N9 (so, in case of not enough devices of preferred type, he/she will receive no prize), or will be satisfied by any type of prize.

People that already received N950s in any form before (dev programs, etc) can't submit for / receive another one, but they can submit for N9.

Please, include in the mail with your self-nomination your username at


Council will choose winners in its discretion, in no more than a week time (so winners will be announced no more than 4 weeks after starting receiving submissions) - could be less.

Community Awards are granted for past deeds, so no future projects/promises, etc will be taken into account by Council.


List of people submitting to program is updated at least once per week. Actual list include:

Submissions already discarded after a first review:

Submissions already discarded after a second review:

Self discarded submissions:


In order to receive the prize, it's mandatory that all awarded create an account at Nokia Developers. Once created, you need to add your postal information to your profile (otherwise Nokia won't know where to send the device).

Then we need to know your Nokia Developer ID (the login name at Nokia Developers that you have created). All the winners will receive a notification email, please respond to including the following data:

  • Full name
  • ID at Nokia Developers
  • Email address.

Please send this data before next Monday, June 25th, as we need to provide the full list to Nokia to start sending the devices.

Final list of winners: