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== Additional Community Resources ==
== Additional Community Resources ==
* '''Community Council Blog:'''
* [ Community Council Blog]
* [[Media:Maemo_Summit_Community_Council_Presentation.pdf|Presentation]] used at [[Maemo_Summit_2008|Maemo Summit 2008]]
* [[Media:Maemo_Summit_Community_Council_Presentation.pdf|Presentation]] used at [[Maemo_Summit_2008|Maemo Summit 2008]]

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Member Roster

September 2008 - February 2009 (Inaugural Council)

Ryan Abel
Andrew Flegg
Eduado Lima
Simon Pickering
Tim Samoff
Council Chair

Community Council Term of Service

Next Election

  • March 2009

Purpose (Mission)

  • To represent the Maemo Community's best interests to Nokia, as well as act as a community conduit for Nokia-generated information.
  • ...

Open Communication

Open communication is one of the core values of the Community Council, both to serve as an example to Nokia and because it's the right thing to do. All communication is open by default.

  • All Community Council oriented conversation will happen either on the maemo-community mailing list, or over IRC in #maemo.
  • Community and Council issues will be distilled and summarized in the Council blog (which is also syndicated to Planet).

Six-Month Roadmap

  • Review election process & electorate, etc.
  • Reduce Quim's workload
    • Distill community channels consistently
    • Bring relevant points to Nokia's attention
  • Community has
  • What does the community expect from the council?
    • Initiate plans the next summit?
    • Follow up on 100 Day Brainstorm?
    • Define our own role?
    • ...

Twelve-Month Roadmap

Community Council Selection Process

Requirements for Candidature

Election Process

Additional Community Resources