[edit] List of IRC channels

Most channels are now hosted on Libera.Chat.

  • #maemo - General discussion about the Maemo Platform.
  • #maemo-ssu - General discussion about the Fremantle Community SSU.
  • #maemo-meeting - Meetings channel.
  • #maemo-leste - Maemo Leste official channel.

Other channels still hosted on freenode / not yet moved:

  • #mer - General discussion about Mer.
  • #meego - General discussion about the MeeGo Platform.
  • #harmattan - Discussion around MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.

[edit] Chat and Help

You can try out IRC and connect using the Kiwi IRC webclient to join the #maemo channel.

Say hello and mention that you followed the link on the wiki and ask for help or just talk to us :)

Then, if you like, you can search for an irc client for your machine and dive in.

[edit] Meetings

There are regular IRC meetings of the Maemo community and representatives of Nokia on a variety of subjects. These meetings will be held in #maemo-meeting, and usually be announced on either the mailing lists or

Logs of these meetings are available here.

[edit] Logs

This section should be updated with links for Libera.Chat channels logs. The following is only for legacy freenode channels.

Thanks to Marius Gedminas we have logs available in chronological order.

Logs from some IRC channels are archived on too (updated daily).

Live logs from #maemo channel are also on

[edit] Cloaks

Main article: IRC cloaks

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