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Revision as of 16:28, 10 February 2010

The current version is 0.16.1-10frmntl0 (2009-08-26) in Fremantle Extras-Devel.

Screenshots as of 2009-06-16 can be found here and here.


Fixed problems/ChangeLog

  • 0.16.1-10frmntl0: Add support for direct subscriptions from the browser using feedhandler
  • 0.16.1-9fremantleui: Shorten application name to "gPodder" in application list to avoid it being cropped to "gPodder Podcas" ([1])
  • 0.16.1-8fremantleui: Downloads are now stored in $HOME ([])
  • 0.16.1-7fremantleui: The AppMenu is now shown in beta2 and (hopefully) on devices
  • 0.16.1-6fremantleui: Welcome window now works again
  • 0.16.1-5fremantleui: Several UI bugs/annoyances (Maemo bugs 4686, 4687, 4688 and 4689)
  • 0.16.1-4fremantleui: Don't use "I" while writing messages from software (bug 4684)
  • 0.16.1-3fremantleui: Installation fails on postinst[2]

Already Working (List of things to test)

  • Welcome screen at first start / when subscription list empty
  • Find new podcasts - with podcast directory + YouTube search
  • Login to and download subscription list
  • App menu in main window
    • Check for new episodes (update feeds; show progress in titlebar; offer new episodes)
    • Downloads (opens the download status list; shows status as gray text)
    • Add new podcast (subscribe to a podcast by entering/pasting the feed URL)
    • Unsubscribe (remove the subscription and downloads of the selected podcast)
    • Preferences (Set up audio and media player)
    • About gPodder (About dialog.. nothing more)
    • Podcast directory (OPML from web; suggested podcasts; top podcasts; YouTube subscriptions)
  • Main window UI
    • Left pane lists podcasts, right pane lists episodes in selected podcast
    • Clicking on an episode opens its shownotes in a new stackable window
  • Episode shownotes UI
    • Has image of podcast, title of episode + podcast, shownotes
    • Appmenu has: Play/Stream; Download/Cancel/Delete; Pause/Resume; Do not download/Mark as new; Open website (does this work with the browser??)
  • Download status UI
    • List of current downloads (queued, downloading, finished, paused, cancelled, failed)
    • Clicking on an item opens the shownotes window
    • Appmenu has: Pause all; Resume all; Cancel all; Clean up list (removes all with status: cancelled, finished, failed)

Advanced features:

  • Close gPodder while downloads are running; on next startup, it asks you to resume the downloads

Known problems

  • Main window uses GtkPaned [3]
  • Podcast directory dialog uses GtkNotebook [4] -- bug 4690 has a solution; still needs implementation


  • Integration with MAFW (downloaded episodes as MafwSource/MafwPlaylist?) -- depends on bug 4675
  • Automatic updating in the background (depending on cellular/wlan connection?)
  • Tablet-related content (Tablet School video podcast?) -- needs content publishers to provide their content as video podcast

Need Help

  • Playback + Streaming (How to interface with the Media Player in Maemo 5?)
  • Better podcast directory - please suggest feeds[5]
  • HTML shownotes - is there a "good" HTML widget for PyMaemo?
  • UI feedback