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= Mer Goals =
= Mer Goals =
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* Calendar: [ mCalendar]?
* Calendar: [ mCalendar]?
* Xterm: osso-xterm
* Xterm: osso-xterm

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Mer Goals

  • Integrate the best solutions for a wide variety of small form-factor devices
  • Encourage wider access to device capabilities through the Vendor Social Contract
  • Demonstrably provide an easy route to market for vendors
  • Dramatically reduce costs to vendors of supporting EOL hardware
  • Focus, harness and support community contributions to the platform
  • Encourage and ease migration of existing applications
  • Support experimentation, innovation and development

Goals for Mer 1.0

Mer 1.0 is the first release where it should be relatively painless to use Mer on a day-to-day basis using N800, N810(W)s.

Requirements specification, related to the N8x0:

  • Images:
    • a 100% free rootfs, which uses firmware from Nokia-provided initfs to provide WiFi and Bluetooth firmware.
    • Fully flashable FIASCO image containing kernel, initfs and rootfs. Will include closed-source bits for HW interfacing and other useful things to not lose functionality. Generated behind the server walls and downloadable with a EULA.
  • WLAN working without hassle, and doing proper power saving. Firmware included in initfs.
  • Audio working, ideally without having to resort to DSP tasks, but if this is not possible, included in restricted image.
  • Bluetooth working. Firmware included in initfs. Bluetooth tethering, PAN and DUN.
  • Battery information available.
  • USB host, otg and gadget (serial, ethernet, mass storage) modes configurable.
  • At least kernel 2.6.21, ideally later.
  • Touch screen calibration possible.
  • X driver or Xomap with manual updates.
  • Backlight level, screen blanking wired into HAL
  • FM Radio app: BoaFM

Cross-platform Mer image - goal: must fit in 240mb compressed.