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** Icon sizes are changed in Fremantle, so a theme issue probably
** Icon sizes are changed in Fremantle, so a theme issue probably
*** no.  There are no icons on the toolbar.  Screenshot: [ Toolbar Bug] (this has been a persistent bug in Maemo, though mostly for all python programs, evidently)
*** no.  There are no icons on the toolbar.  Screenshot: [ Toolbar Bug] (this has been a persistent bug in Maemo, though mostly for all python programs, evidently)

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By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.13.

Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well and share your bugs, testing experiences.

Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take these testing things first. If you are testing, go to #mer anyway. Good place to be.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Releases/0.12 still apply.

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer X86 rootfs version

Mer N8x0, rootfs version

Mer for SmartQ5, firmware version


Release notes


  • JFFS2 and it's associated kernel needs testing
  • Standard kernel needs testing
  • Verify touchscreen works


  • SmartDevices has kindly provided source code for their bootloader and kernel and firmware maker - thanks to them! Their open attitude is excellent and it should be awarded.
  • To install, put the firmware image on a SD card, on the first partition, a FAT32 one, and name the firmware image SmartQ5. Then, hold down + button and insert charger
  • It will be accessible over USB networking (see instructions here) with a SSH server, login root, password rootme
  • It will not show a splash screen, but it will after darkness then make the screen white, and eventually, make it the Mer background and first boot wizard.
  • There is currently a problem with closing dialogs (will be fixed in testing4).

To get wireless networking to work (from

1. Grab the firmware package from Marvell here: and copy it to your computer.

2. Extract the downloaded zip file, then extract SD-8686-FEDORA26FC6-SYSKT-GPL-9.70.3.p24-26409.P45.tar within it. Extract the FwImage folder.

3. Inside there are two files, helper_sd.bin and sd8686.bin. Rename helper_sd.bin to sd8686_helper.bin and copy to your SD card

4. In Mer on SmartQ, open X-Terminal and:

$ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/mmcblk1p1 /media
(password is the one you used when installing)
$ sudo cp /media/sd8686.bin /lib/firmware/sd8686.bin
$ sudo cp /media/sd8686_helper.bin /lib/firmware/sd8686_helper.bin
$ sudo umount /media

5. Reboot. There is a problem with WPA2 networks (they're greyed out, feel free to find out why).

6. Report all bugs you find :)

Bugs in testing2

SmartQ5 version:

+ wifi driver install fix -> okay

+ no wpa2 -> confirmed -> manual settings via /etc/network/interfaes with wpa supplicant DO work

+ ctrl key in x-term not affecting input (no modifier picked up?)

+ usbhostmode disabled, cannot use external keyboard (can be activated manually)

+ shutdown/reset/suspend. smartq5 seems unable to turn off, only reset, if plugged in, but some form of shutdown is necessary anyway.

+ no external button functions -> should be just work in progress, function is far from defined anyhow.

+ after long period of inactivity, screen is garbled when comes back up from 'sleep'/low power mode.

+ "launching application" notification does not round nicely on the right hand side (seems too long, so it gets cut off)

+ lack of navigation keys on keyboard means NO dpad function. other keyboards such as matchbox/cellwriter can do this, but the return keys do not function as expected.

Bugs in testing1

  • Hardware keyboard/slider events on N810 when device is in standby only turns on backlight, and doesn't unblank the screen. Touchscreen events work fine in this respect.
    • /etc/powerlaunch/scripts/kb_light should be in sudoers NOPASSWD
  • Touchscreen using xf86-input-tslib does not work (N8x0, SmartQ). Fix will be in testing2 image (redownload image and it should be fixed)
  • Brightness applet makes hildon crash (not always)
  • Freezing at shutdown if the command is given from the new gui
  • Enhancement: jffs2 images, kernels, etc.
    • Potential fix: Edit kernel-diablo in Maemo:Mer:Devel:HW:N8x0:Devel to include a variant (like -oprofile or such) that is built to sed CONFIG_CMDLINE from 'CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=1f03 rootfstype=jffs2 ro console=tty0 console=ttyMTD5" to:'CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=1f04 rootfstype=jffs2 init=/sbin/tablet-init ro console=tty0 console=ttyMTD5"'
      • Added in kernel-diablo
  • Minor issues:
    • [0.12, not verified to be in 0.13testing1] /etc/init.d/powered produces a message similar to ‘[: 105: false: invalid operator’. The fix is to change ‘==’ to ‘=’ in all lines of the form ‘[ "$FOO" == "true" ]’. (Just search for ‘==’ in all init.d scripts.)
      • Fixed in powerlaunch 0.9.2mer8
    • [0.12, not verified to be in 0.13testing1] Near the top of /usr/sbin/ is ‘if dim > blank: print "Dim must be >= blank"’; the message should say ‘<=’ rather than ‘>=’.
      • Fixed in dsme-tools 0.8

x86 VMDK

  • Text in text fields can not be drag-selected (cursor jumps to start of field instead)
  • Applications installed prompt for folder location but are always stored in Extras
    • Artifact of Fremantle Application Manager i think
      • (Irrelevant. It's a bug)
  • Organize dialog nonresponsive to any input
  • Locale hardcoded to en_GB.utf8 (?)
    • There is a .current-locale feature, needs control panel (+ reboot), look in /usr/bin/start-hildon
      • the file is ~/.osso/current-locale and it doesn't work.
  • Terminal menu text is not replaced with localized text - e.g. "webameedit - webamecopy" etc.
  • Terminal toolbar Ctrl button non-functional (try Ctrl + d, Ctrl + h, Ctrl + g, Ctrl + c)
    • Work on including patches in libvte on into vte - there's some not included yet.
  • Terminal toolbar (likely other) has significanly misaligned background image when selected.
    • Icon sizes are changed in Fremantle, so a theme issue probably
      • no. There are no icons on the toolbar. Screenshot: Toolbar Bug (this has been a persistent bug in Maemo, though mostly for all python programs, evidently)