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[edit] Rendering your activities visible

Q: Why are you encouraged to talk about your activities?

A: We are spread across the globe and it is not always easy to have real time conversations, and this allows us to document what has been done and achieved.

So, how do you do this in practice? Here's a few ways:

[edit] Mer Chatter email

You can sign up for the mailing list - it will send you digests by default, unless you choose to receive all e-mails (might be high volume).

You can receive updates using the Nabble Atom feed

Ideally sign up for a account to contribute to the Wiki (where Mer is hosted) as well - and it will help you to gain karma.

When you have achieved something, mail to, with a brief description in the subject line, and if needed, a further elaboration in the body.

[edit] IRC interactive chat

A lot of Mer development and support is discussed on IRC on channel #mer on,

In addition you can type '.log <message>' to send a message out to the chatter mailing lists (don't test it please - it works).

IRC logs can be found here