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hildon-desktop-env has an unecessary dependency on him-arabic (I noticed after having removed him-arabic which I don't need)
hildon-desktop-env has an unecessary dependency on him-arabic (I noticed after having removed him-arabic which I don't need)

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By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.15.


Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well and share your bugs, testing experiences.

Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take the "Completed" things first. If you are testing, go to #mer anyway. Good place to be.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Documentation/Installation still apply.

These images may potentially turn your device into a insane machine bent on removing humanity from this earth and may potentially brick your device, so, NO WARRANTY.

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer X86 rootfs version

Mer N8x0 kernel, not for JFFS version

Mer N8x0, rootfs version

Mer N8x0, JFFS version, use with JFFS kernel

Mer N8x0 kernel, JFFS version

Mer SmartQ5, firmware version

Mer SmartQ7, firmware version

Mer SmartQ5, rootfs version

Mer SmartQ7, rootfs version

Mer Freerunner, rootfs version, kernel in /boot

For use with QEMU & KVM, download the Mer X86 VMDK version, unzip, and convert to a qcow2 image with the qemu-img convert command.


a0db6ede7fba51e32ce514c50865be0f  mer-armel-n8x0-flashrootfs-v0.15testing9.zImage
53541811f4b8d04d9a21ab59828e0d58  mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15testing9.tar.gz
a0db6ede7fba51e32ce514c50865be0f  mer-armel-n8x0-flashrootfs-v0.15testing9.zImage
2ae4d404623ed8bd2fd447e89cbbe54f  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.15testing9.jffs2
f0f5d515073684d71fc3eed8ecf51662  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.15testing9.jffs2.raw
48013ddf8c99dd906a91e70037253126  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.15testing9.tar.gz
ff2ae5a7328c9ae668ae2b2b466b7e07  mer-armel-n8x0-standard-v0.15testing9.zImage
2cf1941fe0272d2de409ae6ebdb14402  mer-armel-smartq5-rootfs-v0.15testing9.tar.gz
61d34cf1bb6a95044db2e89782c86456  mer-armel-smartq5.SmartQ5
c995fd936a213af15313d2d34248792c  mer-armel-smartq7-rootfs-v0.15testing9.tar.gz
ec9d30bb9cc0233f578d48dcbc0823c2  mer-armel-smartq7.SmartQ7
764e43e920b798c7dc43b586d587e601  mer-x86-generic-image-v0.15testing9.tar.gz


Bugs in 0.15testing6

  • (in progress of getting fixed) - Chinese translations are broken.
  • N8x0: Xorg acts weird
  • N8x0: hald-addon-bme has "batery.reporing.last_full"
  • Missing translations for default locale (En_US) mainly in Application manager (ai_ti_main, ai_li_size_100kb, ai_li_size_max_99kb, aibddetailsclose, ai_ia_select_location, ai_fi_select_location_application, ai_fi_select_location_location, aibdselectlocationok, aibdselectlocationcancel, ai_ni_install_sucessful) , but also in Settings ("tncpa_ap_tn_sb", "tncpa_ti_tnsb_title", "tncpa_fi_tnsb_applications", "tncpa_bv_tnsb_organise", basically most if not *all* that beging with "tncpa_", there is too many to retype here, almost nothing is translated there, apart from some names of applets)
  • FineFileManager installed from Application Manager does not display any files nor directories and has missing icon in the bottom toolbar.
  • Tear has missing "home" icon in bottom toolbar
  • The "Are you sure you wish to reboot?" window is broken. It appears in the upper-left corner, without decoration, the left and top sides of the window are cut off. The strings for Yes and No buttons are missing ("wdgtbdyes" and "wdgtbdno"). By the way, this goes against many user interface guidelines. The buttons should say "Reboot" and "Cancel" instead of "Yes" and "No".
  • The same issue as above applies to confirming shutdown and offline mode. Obviously, the buttons should be "Shut down/Cancel" and "Go Offline/Cancel", respectively.
  • Cannot click on links while browsing with tear under Vmware image (vm bug or tear bug?)
  • Mirage installed from Application Manager does not launch. Crashes on ImportError: No module named osso in /usr/share/mirage/ line 35 "import osso"
    • Issue is due to python-osso not supporting python2.5 (stskeeps)
    • Tested with launching using python2.6 instead of python2.5 (epage)
      • Mirage seems to not have any major compatibility issues between python versions
      • python-osso dependency then gets satisfied and the world is a happy place
  • Missing icons in Terminal bottom toolbar Screenshot
  • Settings app entry should have an icon (not just the default one); Screenshot
  • Inconsistency in icon size and style. Example: tear should have a bigger icon. Mer project should define a standard size for icons so that packagers know what icons they should pack in their app. Screenshot
  • Installing (through app manager) an app shorcut to any other folder than "extras" has no effect. The app entry always end up in extras (I tried to install Tear in "Internet" -> ends up in "extras". Same for several apps).
  • HomeIP applet installed from Application Manager, cannot be selected to show on homescreen (selecting it has no effect).
    • python-hildondesktop broken?
  • hildon-desktop-env needs dependancy on hildon-application-manager-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-common-strings-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-control-panel-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-fm-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-input-method-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-libs-l10n-public-enus1 ke-recv-l10n-public-enus1 maemo-af-desktop-l10n-public-enus1 osso-games-l10n-public-enus1 osso-system-lock-l10n-public-enus1 osso-uri-l10n-public-enus1

Added strings to en_US

In hildon-application-manager:

# This is the name of the top bar in HAM
msgid "ai_ti_main"
msgstr "Home"

msgid "ai_li_size_max_99kb"
msgstr "%d kB"

msgid "ai_li_size_100kb_10mb"
msgstr "%.1f MB"

msgid "ai_li_size_10mb_1gb"
msgstr "%d MB"

msgid "ai_li_size_larger_than_1gb"
msgstr "%.1f GB"

msgid "ai_li_de_size_max_999kb"
msgstr "%d kB"

msgid "ai_li_de_size_1mb_10mb"
msgstr "%.2f MB"

msgid "ai_li_de_size_10mb_1gb"
msgstr "%.1f MB"

msgid "ai_li_de_size_larger_than_1gb"
msgstr "%.2f GB"

msgid "ai_bd_details_close"
msgstr "Close"

msgid "ai_ia_select_location"
msgstr "Select location for application"

msgid "ai_fi_select_location_application"
msgstr "Application:"

msgid "ai_fi_select_location_location"
msgstr "Location"

msgid "ai_bd_select_location_ok"
msgstr "OK"

msgid "ai_bd_select_location_change_folder"
msgstr "Change folder"

msgid "ai_ni_install_successful"
msgstr "%s installed"

msgid "tncpa_li_plugin_update_notifier"
msgstr "Software Updates"

### From 20090711:

msgid "ai_ti_select_location"
msgstr "Select location"

In hildon-libs:

In hildon-input-method:

msgid "inpu_nc_common_menu_tools"
msgstr "Tools"

msgid "inpu_nc_common_menu_edit_cut"
msgstr "Cut"

msgid "inpu_nc_common_menu_edit_copy"
msgstr "Copy"

msgid "inpu_nc_common_menu_edit_paste"
msgstr "Paste"

msgid "inpu_nc_common_menu_tools_help"
msgstr "Help"

In hildon-fm: From 20090711

msgid "ckdg_bd_change_folder_ok"
msgstr "OK"

Bugs in testing7

Mark if previous bugs were fixed in this version as well.

  • The default terminal cannot be scrolled in any way. No scrollbar, does not react to touch.
  • The strings still have "Nokia" and "Maemo" in them. They should be replaced with "Mer".
  • At least for N8x0, it would be reasonable to double the backlight timeouts (60 for fade, 120 to disable). The device is just too slow for some actions to complete (especially in the terminal) within 30 seconds, making the default setup irritating.
  • In the panel for changing brightness and volume, the volume icon is repeated in a grid. There should be only one icon there, not four.
  • When a reboot or shutdown procedure is taking place, all the applets that change their state show up briefly on the screen, making the process look unpolished and ugly. There's also a blinking cursor showing through if you leave the terminal open while shutting down or rebooting. Basically, if there is anything on the screen during a reboot or shutdown that changes its state, it shows up.
  • "Authorizations" menu element should be hidden. It's of no use to normal users.
  • "Drag Lock" should be renamed to "Lock applets" or a similar, less confusing name.
  • Erratic dialog window behaviour. Open up the terminal and hit the Menu key a few times to open the menu and close it repeatedly. It'll open left-aligned or centered, depending on your luck.
  • Error dialog windows (banners on the bottom of the screen with a "stop sign" icon) cannot be dismissed in any other way than hitting the hardware "Back" button.
  • Disable grab in gksu for n800/non-kbd users - it asks for password in locale settings.
  • Chinese strings now working
  • [Nokia n8x0]NetworkManager not working. NM-applet says "Device not ready".
  • [Nokia n810]Fn-key not working. (Install x11-xkb-utils to fix)
    • Added to imager (stskeeps)
  • [Nokia n8x0]Powerlaunch dialog is not popping up when pressing power button.

(Note: if this is the "Device mode" dialog window then it works fine for me with an N810. Short press = Device mode appears. Long press = soft poweroff - TomaszD)

  • [Nokia n8x0] Going to soft poweroff by pressing and holding the power button for about two seconds results in: backlight turns off, comes back for a second, then goes away and soft poweroff is completed. Same thing happens when coming back from soft poweroff, the screen softly "blinks" at the user. Blinking does not occur when going into soft poweroff when the option is chosen from the Device mode dialog, however it does happen every time when the device comes back from this mode.
  • [Nokia n8x0] If going to soft poweroff is done by pushing and holding a button for two seconds, then it stands to reason that the same action should turn the device back into normal mode. This is not the case - only a short push of the button brings it back to life.
  • Maemopad: Missing translations = maemopad_save_changes_made, maemopadyes, maemopadno. Open files menu is screwed up. Dialog to confirm saving is displayed on top left of screen instead of center.
  • Missing text: Settings -> About -> License button
  • Desktop Menu Issues
    • Calibrate Screen menu item non-functional
    • Help menu item non-functional
  • NetworkManager Applet
    • Clicking "NetworkManager Website" errors with "Failed to show url Failed to execute child process "xdg-open" (No such file or directory)"
    • Clicking OK Button on above error message is non-functional
  • statusbarapplets misses hook to CPA
  • statusbarapplets tries to read $HOME.osso/hildon-desktop/statusbar.conf, not $HOME/.osso/hildon-desktop/statusbar.conf
  • statusbarapplets title needs to be better and less upper cased.
  • blueman does not install correctly - errors
  • qtablet does not install correctly - errors
  • Display issues
    • Editing DSL Connection -> PPP Settings tab -> "Available to all users" has the letters "Av" garbled.
    • Display issue: Editing DSL Connection -> PPP Settings tab -> Options below Available to all users" is not displayed on the screen.
    • Display issue: Editing DSL Connection -> IPv4 Settings -> Button for "Editing IPv4 routes" is not fully displayed on the screen.
  • Installed Applications not launching from the Main Menu
    • File Manager (Fine File Manager alternative does launch)
    • Help Application
    • Address Book
    • RSS News Reader
    • PDF Viewer
    • Global Search
      • Not sure how to diagnose for error messages... ideas? (mtc)

Bugs in testing7 - Localization Issues

  • en_GB
    • Virtual Keyboard Menu: "inpu_nc_common_menu_tools"
    • Settings Menu: "tncpa_ap_tn_sb"
    • Settings Menu, Title bar for above menu item: "tncpa_ti_tnsb_title"
    • Settings Menu, Tab title: "tncpa_ti_tnsb_statusbar"
    • Settings Menu, Marquee tab, First item: "tncpa_fi_tnsb_applications"
    • Settings Menu, Marquee tab, First item, Button: " ... "
    • Settings Menu, Marquee tab, First item, Button selected, Title bar: "tncpa_ti_of_title"
    • Settings Menu, Marquee tab, First item, Button selected, All buttons...
    • Application Manager, Title Bar: "ai_ti_main"
    • Application Manager, Installed Applications, Size Column: "ai_li_size_100kb_10" and "ai_li_size_max_99kb"
    • Application Manager, Available Applications, Size Column: "ai_li_size_100kb_10" and "ai_li_size_max_99kb"
    • Application Manager, Available Applications, Install Error (or Update Error), Close Button: "ainibdclose"

Bugs in testing9

  • apt-get complains with the error "ValueError: /usr/bin/python does not match the python default version. It must be reset to point to python2.6" when trying to install screen (and possibly other packages). This can be fixed by making /usr/bin/python point to python2.6 rather than /etc/alternatives/python, which ultimately points to python-launcher.
  • Without the fix above, packages like python-gst0.10, python-pygame, python-numeric are broken. Probably most of python stuff is broken. To quickly fix python in testing9: sudo rm /usr/bin/python && sudo ln -s python2.6 /usr/bin/python
  • The panel is limited to 4 icons. When there are more than 4 icons on the panel (nm-applet, blueman, advanced-power, advanced backlight, loadapplet), then the last one dissappears. You can click to the right of the last icon to bring up the menu with the rest of the icons, but there should be an icon in and of itself to indicate that some of the panel icons are hidden away.
  • [n8x0] Fn key now works!
    • The Fn key doesn't work while in the username/password/hostname wizard.
    • The Fn key and dpad will stop working if layout is changed (setxkbmap)
  • [n8x0] Power button (still?) doesn't work. Detected, but does not bring up the menu
  • Application Manager - missing string - "ai_ti_select_location" (window title of selecting where in the menu to put the application icon).
    • Added
  • Application Manager - missing string - "ckdg_bd_change_folder_ok" (button confirming the change of the folder where to put the application icon).
    • Added
  • Blueman bluetooth manager works, but you have to click and hold to keep the main menu open, a tap simply opens it up and closes it immidiately.
  • [n8x0] Tapping input fields with stylus doesn't bring up the keyboard. It work when tapping with a finger though. One fix is to bring up the control panel by entering "controlpanel" in a terminal. Then choose "Text Input Settings". From there you pick "On-Screen". If you here set "Launch finger keyboard" to never, you can use the stylus in most applications to bring up the keyboard.

SmartQ7 - User account generation at first boot doesn't show onscreen keyboard for "Confirm Password" dialogue box, continued blank OK

white_gecko - I can't confirm this, on my freerunner the onscreenkeyboard appears for the password confirm dialog.

Q7 - Changing input settings/onscreen/launchfingerboaurd=with finger and stylus causes keyboard loss in xterm

  • [Q7] Authorizations app layout flows text offscreen on details pane
  • WPA networks are still greyed out.
  • Xterm missing scrollbars
  • Onscreenkeyboard has no cursor keys
  • Hardware power button not mapped
  • Application manager - Installed app dialogue box has no "OK" button
  • Application Manager - Installed apps default to Extras Menu regardless of settings
  • Maemopad - Open File dialogue blank, no text no icons
  • Disconnecting external power freezes X (sometimes)
  • ts_calibrate fails with "ts_open: No such file or directory"
  • [n8x0] bootreason: charger will cause instability! (booting the device by plugging in charger)
  • [SmartQ7] Application Manager freezes after installing an application or removing an application - success window notification stays on screen and application list does not reload. Have to halt application to continue.
  • [SmartQ7] Menu System Problem - Several applications included in the image show up in the Extras menu and should be in other first tier menus instead (example: Network Connections should be in Communications, Tear should be in Internet)
  • [SmartQ7] Installing an application results in the new application always being placed in the Extras menu.
  • [SmartQ7] SD Card does not mount automatically - needed to add code to /etc/fstab (/dev/mmcblk1p1 /media/sd vfat defaults 0 0) to get it working - please consider adding to image
  • [SmartQ7] Arrow keys on the face of the device (up/down) aren't turning pages in FBReader. Created vim.mod in user home directory with added lines of keycode 73 = Page_Up and keycode 74 = Page_Down. Then created 62xmodap file in /etc/start-hildon.d/ with code - #!/bin/sh on first line and xmodmap vim.mod on second line. This allows keys to work after boot. Hopefully this or another more elegant solution can be added to the image.
  • [SmartQ7] Applications trying to access the file system have issues unless the SD card is mounted correctly.
  • [SmartQ7] No method of power off seems to exist

Bugs in testing10

hildon-desktop-env has an unecessary dependency on him-arabic (I noticed after having removed him-arabic which I don't need)