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SyncMaster 225MW,
SyncMaster 225MW,
SyncMaster 2333HD,
==== Samsung TV Keyset 1c ====
==== Samsung TV Keyset 1c ====

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This wiki page has been started to collect a list of compatible devices for keysets within Pierogi.

Pierogi is a universal infra-red control application for Fremantle written in Qt.

The package is now available in Extras.

More information on the package can be found...

Pierogi Website

talk.maemo.org Pierogi

Pierogi Wiki

Pierogi Package Page

Pierogi Stable Package 1.0.0


Keyset Requests

New Keyset Requests

Compatible Devices

If you have a supported device, and don't see it on the list, please do go ahead and edit the Wiki to add it!

To edit the Compatible Devices Section:-

  • Search for your working keyset from the list below
  • If your keyset is listed click the edit button to the right of the keyset

Then add your devices model number to the list followed by save page.

  • If your keyset is not listed you will need to add your make and model to the wiki, please use the following guide to help you.

Compatible Devices are in the following format:-

Text within two equals "==" are for types of equipment like Televisions, Audio etc (please use the headings provided to keep in line with Pierogi's Device Type)

Text within three equals "===" are for manufactures like Sony, LG etc

Text within four equals "====" are for keysets like LG TV Keyset 1

Your device models should be added to the list after the keyset headings "===="

Please enter your EXACT model name, if there are multiple models within a keyset they are divided by a comma ", "

Before adding a Compatible Keyset, please make sure all of the keys within the keyset work as desired.

If you have a problem with a current keyset please report here:-

talk.maemo.org Pierogi


If you have a problem with adding a compatible keyset please report here:-

talk.maemo.org Pierogi



Daewoo TV Keyset 1


Daewoo TV Keyset 2



Ei TV Keyset 1

51100, 55100, 56105 63105, 72105


GoldStar TV Keyset 1



Grundig TV Keyset 1

ST 55-908


Hitachi TV Keyset 1c



JVC TV Keyset 1



LG TV Keyset 1

32LC56, 32LH301C, 50PS3000, FLATRON M227WDP, FLATRON M2280DF

LG TV Keyset 1c

55LW9500, 60PG60, 60PX950, 42LM615S

LG DVD Keyset 2



Panasonic TV Keyset 1

TX-32PD50 (32" QuintrixSR)

Panasonic TV Keyset 1b

Viera 42PZ700U, Viera 42PZ8ES, Viera TC-42S30, Viera TX-32LZD80, Quintrix TX-25MK1C,


Philips TV Keyset 1

29" CRT 29PT2460, 15PF4121, 37PFL7603D, HV92, 1995 Magnavox 19" CRT

Philips TV Keyset 1a


Philips TV Keyset 1b


Philips TV Keyset 1d

14PT1562/00, 32PW9528/12, 47PFL7603D,

Philips TV Keyset 1e

21PT2265, 28PT4455

Philips TV Keyset 1f


Philips TV Keyset 2

26PFL5604H, 28PW8506/12R, 32PFL5403D

Philips TV Keyset 2a


Philips TV Keyset 2b


Philips TV (settop-box) Keyset 3


RCA TV Keyset 1b

TCL L48F3310-3D


Samsung TV Keyset 1

LE22B470C9M, LN32C530F1FXZA, SyncMaster 225MW, UE46B6000VPXZG, SyncMaster 2333HD,

Samsung TV Keyset 1c

LE46M51B (R)


Sanyo TV Keyset 1a

28CN7F, 28LN4-C, C21EF44, C25EG64, C28EH64

Sanyo TV Keyset 1d



Sony TV Keyset 1

KDL-23B4030, KDL-40EX403, KDL-40X2000, KDL-46X2000, KDL-52X2000, KP-46WT520, KV-20FV10, KV-2167MT, KV-2184MT, KV-27FX210, KV-32FS210, KV-36FS13, KV-36FS210, KV-M1420D, KDL-40EX520, KDL-32BX300

Sony TV Keyset 1a



Toshiba TV Keyset 1

21S03D, 37C3030, 32WLT66

Toshiba TV Keyset 1b



Westinghouse TV Keyset 2



Zenith TV Keyset 1


Sat Receiver


Grundig Satellite Keyset 2

STR 7100


Philips Sat Keyset 2


Philips Sat Keyset 2a

DSX 6010/62A

Philips Sat Keyset 3



DVB-T Receiver Keyset 1



Topfield Sat Keyset 1


Virgin Media

V BoxHD (Cisco 4585), Virgin Media Tivo (Cisco)



Aiwa VCR Keyset 1



Daewoo VCR Keyset 1


Daewoo VCR Keyset 2



GoldStar VCR Keyset 1

GSE-Q204P, QUISY 500


Grundig VCR Keyset 1

GV 437


Philips VCR Keyset 1a



Samsung VCR (DVD) Keyset 1c


Samsung VCR/TV Combo Keyset 1d



Sanyo VCR/DVD Keyset 1




Denon DVD Keyset 1


Denon DVD Keyset 2


Denon DVD Keyset 3



Grundig DVD Keyset 1

GDV 130


JVC DVD Keyset 1



Magnavox DVD Keyset 1



Philips DVD Keyset 1

DVD712, DVD722, DVD-724, DVP 3005

Philips DVD Keyset 1a


Philips DVD Keyset 1b


Philips DVD Keyset 1c

DVP 5160, DVP 5982, HTS3544

Philips DVD Keyset 1d

DVD 963sa

Philips DVD Keyset 3


Philips DVD Keyset 3a


Philips DVD Keyset 4

DVDR 1000


Pioneer DVD Keyset 1

VXX2702, VXX2801


Raite DVD Keyset 1



Samsung DVD Keyset 2



Sanyo VCR/DVD Keyset 1


Sanyo DVD Keyset 1



Sony DVD Keyset 1




Aiwa Audio Keyset 1

LX-100, RC-TD3

Aiwa Audio Keyset 1a

CA-DW635, XR-M201

Aiwa Audio Keyset 2

LCX50, NSX-320, NSX-330, NSX-500, NSX-532, NSX-540, NSX-AV320, NSX-DR5, NSX-S22, NSX-V25, NSX-V30, XR-M35

Aiwa Audio Keyset 2a


Aiwa Audio Keyset 2c


Aiwa Audio Keyset 6

CX-770, Series 70


Apple White Remote



Denon Receiver Keyset 1


Denon Receiver Keyset 1a


Denon Receiver Keyset 1b


Denon Receiver Keyset 1c

AVR-1602, AVR-1802, AVR-1803

Denon Receiver Keyset 1d

PMA-480R PMA-350SE

Denon Receiver Keyset 1e


Denon Receiver Keyset 1f

AVR-7000RD, RC-841

Denon Receiver Keyset 2a


Denon Receiver Keyset 3

AVR-600 RD

Denon Audio Keyset 1

DCD-335, DRA-275RD, DRM-550, HiFi 110, UD-M30

Denon Audio Keyset 1a

UCD-F07, UDR-F07, UDRA-F07

Denon Audio Keyset 1b

DCD-655, DCD-1015

Denon Audio Keyset 1c


Denon Audio Keyset 1d

RC-846, UCD-F88, UDR-F88, UPA-F88, UTU-F88, UDRA-M7

Denon Audio Keyset 2


Denon Audio Keyset 3


Denon Audio Keyset 4



GoldStar Audio Keyset 1



Grundig Amp Keyset 1

FineArts Amplifier V1

Grundig Audio (CD) Keyset 1

CD 8400

Grundig Audio Keyset 2

CDM 700, UMS-9V


Hitachi Audio Keyset 1

FX-7, FX-77


JVC Audio Keyset 1



Logitech Squeezebox Keyset

Squeezebox 2, Squeezebox Radio


Panasonic Audio Keyset 1

RX-DS25, RX-E300


Philips Audio Keyset 1

AZ2407, AS680C, FW 530C, FW-P78, FWP73P, FWP78C, MZ7, PVD0384

Philips Audio Keyset 1a

C 380

Philips Audio Keyset 1b

FW 362

Philips Audio Keyset 2


Philips Audio Keyset 3



Pioneer Audio Keyset 1

A880, CU-XR015, Hi-Fi DU-L7, XC-L11

Pioneer Audio Keyset 3

A-207R, SX-302, VSX-9300

Pioneer Audio Keyset 5


Pioneer CD Keyset 1

PD-106, PD-202, PD-4550, PD-F957, PD-F1007, PD-M107, PD-S503


Yamaha Audio Keyset 2

AX-570, CDX-570, RX-395-RDS, RX-V1300-RDS

Yamaha Audio Keyset 4




Acer PC Keyset 1

Aspire 9500, Aspire 9800


Apple White Remote

All Apple computers with IR receivers


Hauppauge PCTV Keyset 1

PVR 350

Hauppauge PCTV Keyset 1a


Hauppauge PCTV Keyset 1b


Hauppauge PCTV Keyset 1c

PVR 250


Microsoft Remote Mode 1

ASRock HT330


Pinnacle PCTV Keyset 1


Pinnacle PCTV Keyset 2

USB Stick

Pinnacle PCTV Keyset 3




Magnavox Settop Box Keyset 1



Pioneer LD Keyset 1



QNAP Media Player Keyset 1

NMP-1000, NMP-1000P


Sanyo Projector Keyset 1



Topfield PVR Keyset 1

PVR 4000, PVR 5000

Western Digital

Western Digital Media Player Keyset 1



Due to the volume of keyset requests the 'Requests Section' has now been updated. Completed requests will be moved to the Completed Section when added to the latest version.

Requests are in the following format:-


  • Your Requests Device/Remote and info - your name (added version x.x.x)


  • Your Requests Device/Remote and info - your name

Requests are ordered latest last.

Before requesting a keyset, please make sure none of the current keysets work. If you have a problem with a current/completed keyset please report here:-

talk.maemo.org Pierogi


There are some people experiencing "range" issues with certain keysets. A new wiki page has been setup to collect data to solve the issue.


To jump to the New Requests section click here

Completed Keyset Requests

  • Philco - Brian_7 (added version 0.6.1)
  • Admiral - Brian_7 (added version 0.6.1 and 0.6.3)
  • Grundig - Acidspunk (added version 0.6.1)
  • Daewoo - D@vIcHoJD (added version 0.6.1 and 0.6.2)
  • DirecTv Sat Box - louiegoat (added version 0.6.6)
  • Roku - louiegoat (added version 0.6.1)
  • Logitec Z5400 - hycraig (added version 0.6.1)
  • Topfield - patemera (added version 0.6.1)
  • TATA SKY - udaychaitanya16 (added version 0.6.2)
  • WD Live - hermes040 (added version 0.6.2)
  • Sky HD - hycraig (added version 0.6.2)
  • Saba - datjomp (added version 0.6.2)
  • Dish Network Seciever - Sphinx780 (added version 0.6.4)
  • Fortec Star Seciever - king Ralphred (added version 0.6.4)
  • Kenwood Ampifiers - Crust (added version 0.6.5)
  • Beko - kalilucho (added version 0.6.5)
  • Haier - whatsappneeder (added version 0.6.5)
  • (KPN Dual Tuner Digitenne) Samsung SMT-1100T - Mr_Pingu (added version 0.6.6)
  • Cambridge Audio - pasko (added version 0.6.5)
  • Bose 3-2-1 - DVD Home Entertainment System - peterleinchen (added version 0.6.6)
  • Andersson/Vestel - miroslav_s (added version 0.6.7)
  • Cisco Tivo/Virgin Media UK - sixwheeledbeast (added version 0.6.7)
  • ONIDA (TVE_21)- n900ak (added version 0.6.7)
  • HP - davdav (added version 0.6.8)
  • Vizio TV's - ug2215 (added version 0.6.7)
  • Motorola Cable Box Keyset - monkeyman (added version 0.6.8)
  • Technics (SC-HD310 / SC-HD350 models) - helloct (added version 0.6.9)
  • Canon RC-1 - tecs (added version 0.6.9)
  • Epson TW-700 Projector - qwazix (added version 0.6.9)
  • Humax (Vaci-5300) receiver - willi6868 (added version 0.6.9)
  • United (UTV) - skricciolo1981 (added version 0.6.9)
  • Bush WS6680 - philbelfast (added version 0.6.9)
  • Panasonic SA-AK25 - philbelfast (added version 0.6.9)
  • Sony RMT-DSLR1 - ultranalog (added version 1.1.0)
  • GDI gd-2000 gdrc-400 - mrwormp (Use Motorola Keysets)
  • NAD - toxaris (added version 0.6.11)
  • Sony EVI-D30,D70,D100 - satoh (added version 1.1.0)
  • Hyundai - goodwin (added version 1.0.0)

Keysets after here are not available in the latest Stable Package

  • Kathrein Sat Recevier UFS 922 - Cardigan (added version 1.1.0)
  • Harman Kardon Receiver AVR 220 - Cardigan (added version 1.1.0)
  • JVC XV-N5SL - Galdrapiu (use JVC DVD Keyset 1)
  • DSE STB - tuxbox (added version 1.1.0)
  • Arcam Alpha7R Amp - benoit (added version 1.1.0)
  • Arcam Alpha7SE CD player - benoit (added version 1.1.0)
  • Foxtel Cable IQ2 - shazosbourne (added version 1.1.0)
  • Dynex DX-32L220A12 - mu_mind (added version 1.1.0)
  • SONY CD Player CDP-XE370 - marpsoft (added version 1.1.0)
  • Dell MR425 - lotos (added version 1.1.0)
  • viewsat 2000 - psycon (added version 1.1.0)
  • logitech squeezebox - petur (added version 1.1.0)
  • Kaon STB - n900ak (added version 1.1.1)
  • QNAP NMP-1000(P) - petur (added version 1.1.1)
  • Compro - ioncelmare (added version 1.1.1)
  • Genius - ioncelmare (added version 1.1.2)
  • Magnum - petur (added version 1.1.2)
  • Thomson - hadjistyllis (added version 1.1.2)
  • Telenet (Belgium) - petur (added version 1.1.2)
  • octagon 1008 se+ - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.3)
  • Grundig Freesat HD STB - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.4)
  • Lexuzbox F90HD - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.4)
  • Cisco 8485DVB / Voocorder - olibe (added version 1.1.5)
  • Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR (Verizon) - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.5)
  • Cisco Explorer 4642HD - Jose (added version 1.1.5)
  • Loewe TVs - Sec19 (added version 1.1.5)
  • Orion - hellwolfhun (added version 1.1.5)
  • Proview DVD-Player DVP-858 - awmaximus (added version 1.1.5)
  • Sony DVD Player RDR-GX380/RMT-D25P - mohdareeb (added version 1.1.5)
  • Sony Projector VPL-ES4, VPL-EX7 - Alicanto (added version 1.1.5)
  • Strong satellite reciever - unexpected (added version 1.1.5)
  • Technisat - Digicorder - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.5)
  • Telefunken - TV - klarkent (added version 1.1.5)
  • Zenith AKB36157102 - plaka666 (added version 1.1.5)
  • ADB iCan 3100 (Telefonica Imagenio)- Verssetti (added version 1.1.6)
  • Anitech - willi6868 (added version 1.1.6)
  • Blaupunkt - Acidspunk (added version 1.1.6)
  • Lifetec - willi6868 (added version 1.1.6)
  • Medion - willi6868 (added version 1.1.6)
  • Sylvania TV/DVD/VCR - skykooler (added version 1.1.6)
  • TRIAX Digital Satellite Receiver - Garrett_PL (added version 1.1.6)
  • Roomba Vacuum - zlatokosi (added version 1.1.7)
  • Goodmans - hycraig (added version 1.1.8)
  • Emtec N200 - krutznikov (added version 1.1.8)
  • Pentax Digital Camera Remote Control - oblomow (added version 1.1.8)
  • Hantarex (TVs) - Au{R}oN (added version 1.1.13)
  • Changhong TV - ?unnamed_request?_IP: (added version 1.1.14)
  • Frontech VGA TV JIL-0615 - ?unnamed_request?_IP: version 1.1.14)
  • Sinotec - ashrufr (added version 1.1.14)
  • Thomson AM1480 - Estel (added version 1.1.14)
  • ADB iCan 3100TW - Verssetti (added version 1.1.15)
  • Medi@link Receiver - willi6868 (added version 1.1.15)
  • Multichoice DSTV DSD 1110 - Ken Simmons (added version 1.1.15)
  • NEC Projector - myname24 (added version 1.1.15)
  • Pioneer Car Audio DEH-2950MP (added version 1.1.15)

Requests that should be working

There are some people experiencing "range" issues with certain keysets. A new wiki page has been setup to collect data to solve the issue.


Please remove these and add to the Supported Device if there working.

  • Sony KDL-40CX525 (Remote is called "RM-ED045") - Thp
On the Sony KDL-40CX525 -- There may be a problem controlling some Sony TVs at a distance; not sure what is causing it yet. --Copernicus 20/Feb/2012
  • Kenwood RC-A0400 - taggart
The RC-A0400 is already entered as Kenwood Audio Keyset 1, please post a note if it isn't working for you! -- Copernicus 21/Feb/2012
  • Samsung MAX-945D - Verssetti
Please try out Samsung DVD Keyset 2 on the MAX-945D, it may have the right codes. --Copernicus 24/Feb/2012
  • Samsung LE-37C650 - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
The Samsung TV Keyset 1 family should have the right codes for this TV. Are none of those keysets working for you? --Copernicus 8/Mar/2012
  • Yamaha AV Reciever RX-V1200RDS - Galdrapiu
I'm pretty sure one of the Yamaha Audio Keyset 2 family should be able to support the RX-V1200RDS. Can you try them out and see if they work for you? Thanks! --Copernicus 8/Mar/2012
  • Dell XPS 16 - abs0lut3z33r0
Yes, I've got the Media Centre keysets listed under "Microsoft" in the "Select Keyset by Name" window. I'll try to squeeze Media Center or MCE into the name as well. --Copernicus 13/Mar/2012
  • Sony KDL-40EX725 - awmaximus
On the Sony KDL-40EX725 -- There may be a problem controlling some Sony TVs at a distance; not sure what is causing it yet. --sxiwheeledbeast 20/Mar/2012
  • Western Digital WDTV Live Plus - awmaximus
Western Digital Live Plus was added in Version 1.1.0, if you only use the current stable version you will have to wait for this version to be promoted. If you use the development version please let us know if it's not working! --sixwheeledbeast 19/Mar/2012
  • LG TV 50PQ2000 - alg
I haven't found that exact brand of LG in my sources, but other LG plasmas look like they should be working with the LG TV Keyset 1 series. Can you confirm that none of the LG TV keysets work? Thanks. --Copernicus 27/Aug/2012
  • LG 26LD310 (TV) - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
Are none of the LG TV keysets working for you? Please give each one of them a chance, this TV really should be supported by one of them. --Copernicus 28/Aug/2012
  • LG TV M227WAP ( on version 1.1 there in lg but for M227WDP not for M227WAP)-ninelives234
Ah, if you could, please try out LG TV Keyset 1 anyway. The keysets in Pierogi can work with a far larger set of devices than are currently found in the device list; I suspect one of the existing LG keysets should already work with the M227WAP. --Copernicus 28/Aug/2012
Tried all of keyset under LG and none of that works! --ninelives234 17/Sep/2012
  • XBox 360 - pawelstryju
The Microsoft Windows MCE keysets should already work with the Xbox 360. However, I notice that the "A/B/X/Y" keys are not mapped yet; I'll get on adding them to the keysets. --Copernicus 2/Sep/2012
  • NHENS (Digital Stream) DTX9900 - anyonebutthis
The "Digital Stream Receiver Keyset 1" should be the exact keyset for this device, please give it a try... --Copernicus 4/Sep/2012
  • Sony Bravia KLV-32NX500 - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
I believe this TV should work with the Sony TV Keyset 1, although there has been a range issue with some Sony TVs; you may need to hold the N900 very close to the TV to get it to work. (I still haven't found the cause of the issue.) --Copernicus 11/Sep/2012
  • Harman Kardon AVR 355 - Madmax
All of my Harman Kardon config files appear to be for older models than the 355, but they are also all very consistent; can you check the existing HK keysets to see if they work for you? (I've been splitting Harmon Kardon controls into separate components, so you may need to use more than one keyset to access all the controls for your device.) Thanks! --Copernicus 29/Sep/2012

Requires IR Data (config files) to add to Pierogi

This section is for requests that keyset data cannot be found

If you have the ablity to generate the keyset data for your remote or know of a source please post information with the keyset below it's notes

  • Platinium TV's - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
Platinium is going to be a problem - I'm just not finding config files for them... --Copernicus 23/Feb/2012
  • Topline - whatsappneeder
There are just no config files to be found, I'm afraid. --Copernicus 4/Sep/2012
  • Starcom SR-X5300USB - Waelsy123
I think Starcom is a type of Starsat receiver; at least a Google search for Starcom gives you Starsat data. The news is not good, in any case: there are no Starcom config files and only one Starsat config file. I'll put the Starsat one in, but I don't know if it will work. --Copernicus 29/Feb/2012
  • Mede8er Multimedia Player med500x2 - Larry
I'm just not finding any mede8er config file data. The only thing I've been able to dig up is a user complaining that their mede8er was using the same codes as their BenQ TV. I do have one config file for a BenQ TV, I'll go ahead and add it just in case it is of any use to you... --Copernicus 8/Mar/2012
  • Bang & Olufsen Beovision 4-12 - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
Ah, I was afraid someone would ask for a Bang & Olufsen device. These guys are (in)famous for not only having a tough protocol, but also using a carrier frequency of 455 kHz, where most everyone else is somewhere between 32 and 56 kHz. I'm not sure the N900's IR will even support that frequency... This one is going to be hard! --Copernicus 6/Mar/2012
  • Roberts Sound 53 - natgwil
I'm coming up empty on Roberts configuration data from my usual sources. It'll probably be a while before I can support them... --Copernicus 11/Mar/2012
  • Airtel DTH (India's second largest DTH operator after TATA sky) - abs0lut3z33r0
Hmm. Not finding anything in my usual sources. Looks like I'll have to dig pretty hard to find codes for these guys. --Copernicus 13/Mar/2012
  • Welltech -willi6868
Not finding any Welltech config files. I can't even find the right Welltech corporation; I never realized just how many companies have the name "Welltech" before I tried Googling it. I doubt there are too many well-drilling devices that are controlled with an infrared remote... :) --Copernicus 4/Sep/2012
  • Lexuz box F-90 - Gabriela
Lexuz is really frustrating; their devices appear to be everywhere, but I can't find a solid lead on the company itself (or whether it is a brand name of a different company). I haven't found a config file for the F-90 yet, but it may be out there under a different name... --Copernicus 4/Sep/2012
  • Truman 150 Sat Receiver - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
Unfortunately, I can find no codes for the Truman line of satellite receivers (although I can find lots of reviews and discussion of them). I'll have to wait for someone to determine what the Truman IR codes are... --Copernicus 27/Aug/2012
  • Koda iD811 - krutznikov
Drat, I love the idea of controlling your iPod or iPhone with your N900, but I just can't find any codes at all for Koda... --Copernicus 04/Sep/2012
  • DM DS2 (Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2) CCTV DVR - If I can ever find some config data! :) --Copernicus 29/Sep/2012
  • Starmax Satellite Receiver 5100
I am just coming up empty on any config files for the Starmax brand... I'll keep an eye out for them. --Copernicus 24/Oct/2012

New Keyset Requests

  • Hauppauge Digital Receiver - anyonebutthis
  • Polytron - farland
  • Philips DVDR7310H 250GB - Mr_Pingu
  • Philips HTS3548 - Xagoln
  • Pioneer Amp VSX-D510 - king Ralphred
  • Metz Axio Pro - TV ; remote model name: Metz RM14 (the Metz_RA51 from LIRC does not work with QTIrReco) - peterleinchen
  • Telstar - ejcrashed
  • Elekta A/C - Minhaz
  • Technosat - nkirk
  • Sanyo LCD 19XR1 - tiran
  • Samsung STB DSB-5090R - akashvani
  • Magnavox MPD820 Portable DVD - akashvani
  • DV552 LG DVD Player - akashvani
  • Pioneer KRP-500A (TV) - sxa
  • Pioneer VSX-D912 amp - sxa
  • Pioneer DV-696 DVD player - sxa
  • Samsung Air Conditioner ARH-1407(Alternatives: ARC-4AS, ARH-401, ARC-467, ARH-441, ARH-428) - sla_erick
  • Soundgraph iMON (HTPC) LIRC - Leonid
The iMON LIRC files are very strange... I'm going to need some time to decipher them. --Copernicus 29/Feb/2012
There lot of commands, but really necessary and usefully is power on. --Leonid 27/Oct/2012
  • Kolin A/C - darkestz
  • YORK A/C - ajack
  • Nokia STB - ajack
  • TCL Air Conditioner - ?unnamed_request?_IP:
  • Samsung AC ARH-109 - myname24
  • Panasonic Split-Type A/C CS-PC18MKQ (CU-PC18MKQ) 2.0HP - Larry
I've gotta put this one back on the list; I haven't gotten to it yet. The Panasonic keysets added in 1.1.5 were due to getting a very old Panasonic protocol implemented, allowing me to finally add in keysets for a variety of very old devices. --Copernics 30/Aug/2012
  • Deutsche Telekom MR300 - reinob
added in version 1.8 removed in version 1.9 due to bugs -- sixwheeledbeast 07/Sep/2012
  • Carrier A/C -davdav
  • Power A/C -davdav
  • York Air Conditioner - Sj80
  • New World Design Air Conditioner - Sj80
  • Admiral Air Conditioner - Sj80
  • Fujitsu Air Conditioner - unnamed
  • Technics SA-AX710 - switch486
  • Polytron MX 52SV58 TV - mubarok
  • Mitsubishi Air Conditioner - xprism
  • LG Service remote OPENGLTV - Bogdan
Actually, I've already got "service menu" controls for several different brands, I've just been nervous about how to make them available to users. These things can _permanently destroy_ your TV if you use them in the wrong way (especially for CRTs). At the very least, I don't want novice users accidentally tripping over them... Let me study the issue a bit more. --Copernicus 13/May/2013
"Hey, I hate to be a bother but I only need the EZ_ADJUST button for 15 seconds to change a usb setting from 0 to 1. Could you at least tell me how to import it or something. I would really appreciate it. --Bogdan 27/May/2013
  • Sony CMT-CP100 - v1t4ly_[RUS]
  • Thomson T19E31U - v1t4ly_[RUS]
  • Yamaha RX-V596 AV Receiver
All the controls for the RX-V596 are in "Yamaha Audio Keyset 2", but there are no buttons available (yet) in the UI for them. :( I'll work on adding new panels to the UI, but it may take a little time... --Copernicus 13/Dec/2013
  • Motorola VIP1853 (VIP1903 will probably work too) - Mr Pingu
Maybe this will help: http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14028&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=30&sid=a4ef44bba62b5bf5eb0023544978a492 or http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14327&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=30
  • Sony Camera Alpha 58 - davdav
Unfortunately, Sony appears to have dropped infrared controls from their more recent cameras, including the Alpha 58. There is a "cable remote" available, but it seems no untethered controls are available. --Copernicus 13/Dec/2013

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