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| ''Secure Shell Server'', usually installed from [[Extras]]. It lets you get a secure shell on the tablet remotely.
| ''Secure Shell Server'', usually installed from [[Extras]]. It lets you get a secure shell on the tablet remotely.
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Services are programs that run in background, invisible to the user, and do some useful work such as maintaining Internet connections, checking for email, playing sounds, etc. Sometimes, services are called daemons. To see the list of services currently running on your tablet, you can use the following:

  • ps, top, or htop command line utilities, invoked from XTerm.
  • CPU Load desktop applet (found in Extras).
  • Services configuration applet (found in Extras).

Just like any other program, a service can be killed with the kill command or the appropriate button in the CPU Load applet. To disable a service (so that it does not start up after the next reboot), you can use the Services configuration applet. Be aware though that killing or disabling some services may seriously damage your system. Avoid it unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Nokia services

Service Name Service Function
af-base-apps Application framework. Starts some base applications like the Connectivity dialogs, the default Media Player's backend. It also starts the programs that finish the restoration process if you chose to restore a backup.
af-services Application framework. This sets up important kernel parameters that make your tablet more stable.
af-startup Application framework.
alarmd Alarm dispatcher responsible for waking the tablet from "sleep" state and running other applications at predefined times.
bluez-utils Bluetooth tools.
btcond Bluetooth connectivity.
dbus D-Bus message bus daemon, used for passing commands and data between applications. This is the main way for applications to talk to each other.
dnsmasq DNS proxy and DHCP server.
dsp-init DSP loader.
esd Enlightenment Sound Daemon responsible for mixing sound from applications, adjusting its volume, and playing it through speakers or headphones.
gpsdriver GPS driver that reads and processes position data from GPS receivers, making it available for applications.
hal Hardware Abstraction Layer
hildon-application-manager Periodically checks software repositories (such as Extras) for updates and informs you of any updates to your installed software.
hildon-desktop Hildon desktop.
hulda Kernel events proxy.
icd2 Internet Connectivity Daemon
ke-recv Kernel events proxy.
libgpsbt Lets tablet connect to Bluetooth GPS devices.
maemo-launcher Keeps some important system libraries (GTK+, Pango) in memory so that other applications can start up quicker.
mce Machine control entity.
mediaplayer-daemon Mediaplayer engine.
metalayer-crawler0 Metalayer crawler.
multimediad Multimedia daemon.
obexsrv OBEX server responsible for exchanging files with Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones or computers.
osso-ipv6  ???
osso-systemui System user interface.
osso-systemui-early System user interface.
rich-core When an application crashes, this service is responsible for saving information of how it crashed, for later analysis by authors. This service can be installed from ???.
suplistenerd Installed when AGPS for N810 is installed.
tablet-browser-daemon Loads and renders web pages that you view in web browser. Always running so that you can start browsing quickly.
wide-dhcpv6-client  ???
wlancond WLAN connectivity.
x-server X11 server. Just like any other decent Unix or Linux device, your tablet runs one.

3rd-party services

Service Name Service Function
avahi-daemon  ???
avahi-dnsconfd  ???
brightness-permission Installed with advanced-backlight for 770 owners only.
carmand Carman background process.
python-launcher Accelerates startup of Python applications, such as Canola, by keeping some parts of Python in memory.
ssh Secure Shell Server, usually installed from Extras. It lets you get a secure shell on the tablet remotely.