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This page should contain relevant information regarding Canola2 for maemo4 and maemo5. The "official" website seems to be very outdated so we should collect any relevant information in "our" community wiki.

Bringing Canola to maemo5 and meego also is a Google Summer of Code project in 2010. Please have a look into the GSoC-developers announcements too.


[edit] Canola or Canola2?

Canola2 was the last version released but most people simply talking about "canola". Hence canola2 is an real open source project now it seems to be a good idea to clarify how to call the project in future exactly.

[edit] Canola

Some words about the canola project history would be great here.

[edit] Project details

  • Main Developers: Eduardo Lima, Andrei Mirestean (GSoC)
  • Mailing List (canola-devel): Info page and web archive
  • Bug Tracker is and not the one at the garage page! A list of open bugs can be found here: here

[edit] Current Issues

  • Source tree @ is unavailable (as of 27-Nov-2010)
  • Core plugins using Etk (no longer supported - migrate to Elementary):
    • notify/ui
    • settings/media_library/ui
    • settings/media_library/renderers
    • settings/media_library/album_cover
    • settings/ui/renderers
    • settings/internet_media/ui
    • widgets/modal

[edit] canola plugins

[edit] canola themes

[edit] canola tuning

[edit] canola into the wild

[edit] Ubuntu