Yet another mostly harmless user.

Some of my applications:

  • DrNokSnes, a SNES emulator for the N800/N810 and N900, based on DrPocketSnes and many others.
  • C FM Radio, a very simple FM Radio player application for the N900.
  • Preenv, a set of libraries that allows SDL WebOS games to run on a N900.
  • SDL-GLES, a library to ease development of OpenGL ES games using Maemo's SDL.

And numerous straight game ports with specific Maemo enhacements: CorsixTH, OpenTTD, DOSBox, Mupen64Plus...

Stuff I developed but no longer use:

  • libicd-network-wpa A library to use wpa_supplicant with icd2. Developed for the N8x0, but works on the N900 (though it is hard to setup).

The places I dump my source code and/or changes: