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How should I encode video files for playback on the device?

See video encoding for information on encoding media for playback (or streaming to) the Maemo device.

How do I get more memory to install applications?

See booting from a flash card to find out how to gain extra room by moving the system to a flash card.

How do I get root access?

See root access for information on how to get superuser permissions.

What alternative operating systems are available?

See alternative operating systems for information about other OSes that can be run on Maemo devices.


How can I improve battery life?

Read article How To Make Your Battery Last Longer.

My tablet is slow and unresponsive. What can I do?

Look at article Troubleshooting.

I have run out of disk space. How can I add more?

My system is unstable and applications crash a lot. What's wrong?

It is hard to say. Probably the best solution is to read article Troubleshooting through and hopefully it fixes the situation.

I have trouble connecting to the internet over wifi


What is the difference between Maemo and

Maemo refers to the Open source software platform for mobile devices developed by Nokia in collaboration with the Maemo community and some of the best open source upstream projects. is the home of the Maemo community, and is a gathering place for people interested in this platform and related software and devices (more).

Where should I report problems?

Software problems are reported as bugs - please be gentle with the Bugsquad team. Contact Nokia Support for serious problems with your device during the warranty period. In case of doubt use the Talk forum.


What is Maemo 5 / Fremantle?

Fremantle is the codename of Maemo 5, which is the next major release after OS2008 / Maemo 4.1 / Diablo

Will Maemo 5 run on the Internet Tablets?

Not officially but perhaps through the Mer community project. Maemo 5 is optimized for the OMAP3 architecture, the N810 and N800 are based in OMAP2 and the 770 in OMAP1 (discussion).