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This is a subtask of Task:Defining Maemo coordinated by qgil.



  • Describe Maemo and specify the usage of the Maemo brand, changing the trademark policy if needed.
  • Describe maemo.org as identifier of the Maemo community.
  • Clarify the situation of other related names and logos i.e. codenames, Internet Tablet OS, OS2008...


This is a DRAFT READY TO REVIEW. If nothing happens it will be considered approved at the end of the 100Days/Sprint2 (2008/07/22).


  • Maemo - Open source software platform for mobile devices. Developed by Nokia in collaboration with the Maemo community and some of the best open source upstream projects.
    • Maemo platform - The software stack from the Linux Kernel to the SDK. It's mostly open source code originated in upstream projects plus some open components developed by Nokia. Some exceptions of Nokia and third party proprietary software are included in order to provide a fully functional stack.
    • Maemo SDK - Collection of supported developer tools providing the baseline to create applications for Maemo.
    • Maemo 4 - A specific Maemo release. Each release gets a codename first, corresponding to the name of a wind (e.g. Chinook). The codename is valid during the development phase, becoming Maemo n when it's launched.
    • Applications for Maemo - Programs compatible with Maemo. According to the trademark policy, the Maemo Something formula is recommended only for components that are part of the platform. Applications compatible with Maemo should avoid this formula. This policy is not enforced but just recommended to those projects released before the trademark was approved.
  • Maemo community - The sum of developers working openly on the Maemo platform and compatible applications + Maemo users with different levels of experience, interested in all kinds of collaboration and contributions to the project.
    • maemo.org - Space of collaboration of the Maemo community, organized around open source tools and ways of working. Started as a project run by Nokia, it's currently moving towards a community driven initiative.
  • Maemo Software - Denomination of the team at Nokia developing and integrating the Maemo platform, SDK and a collection of applications.
  • Devices running Maemo - Nokia 770, N800, N810. All of them belong to the Nokia Internet Tablet family. Nokia integrates in these products an own UI design layer and offers a set of pre-installed applications.


  • maemo Linux based OS2008 - Formula used by Nokia to name the full software stack available for the N800, N810 and N810 WiMAX Edition. From Fremantle onwards the "Maemo n" formula will prevail.
  • The current maemo logo - To be evolved into a "maemo.org" logo identifying the Maemo community. ".org" added, fresh look, no TM. Produced and maintained by the community.


  • Maemo Linux - Still used in the maemo Linux based OS2008 formula, currently in transition. Do not propagate further.
  • Maemo UI - Maemo has by default the Hildon UI, formed by several components e.g. Hildon Application Framework. Other UIs can be implemented on top of Maemo, by Nokia or third parties.
  • Maemo devices - Unsupported formula, use Devices running Maemo instead.
  • Internet Tablet OS - Used before the OS2008 formula and deprecated since October 2007.
  • Sardine - Project closed. It was the open development project of the Hildon Application Framework.

To Be Defined

Out of scope in the 100Days exercise since they would involve extra work in software code, package names... They have no changes in Diablo anyway, let's work on them in the following release cycles. Some of them are core open source applications, to be defined as well if they belong to the platform or are sitting on top of it.

Changes to the Maemo Trademark Policy

The Maemo SW team at Nokia will take care of this. Not relevant anymore from a Maemo community point of view.

  • The new rule defines "Maemo" always beginning with upper case.
  • The usage of the "maemo.org" logo needs to be defined. The "maemo.org" logo can be used to link to http://maemo.org but not to e.g. Maemo pages at nokia.com.
  • Current "maemo" logo to be removed.
  • No TM for the "maemo.org" logo.


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