X forwarding over ssh

For more information on running desktop applications on your device over X, see the remote desktop page

Information on installing xauth, to allow remote X clients to connect to your device, is available in root access#OpenSSH

The same information is duplicated, but slightly different, in this page describing streaming video from the webcam on N900 to the desktop

Bug #2494 provides all the information you need to export N900 X clients to your Linux desktop display

This page will describe how to install and configure xauth using the PC Connectivity package, allowing you to display N900 applications on your Linux desktop and desktop applications on your N900 over an SSH tunnel using X11 forwarding.

See the links above, and this thread from the maemo-users mailing list: http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-users/2010-February/015351.html

Short answer: Install the [PC Connectivity] package and ssh -X should work.