Objective:Community localization

This article is continued discussion from the maemo.org brainstorm
Please see the 2010 Agenda for more.

The objective is to provide the tools for community collaboration in localization tasks.


[edit] Tasks

  • Organize localization teams, preferrably coordinated with other open community efforts.
  • Work on the localization of a basic description of the Maemo platform and the maemo.org community.
  • Provide tools for consolidated language/localization teams willing to have fully localized communities around maemo.org
  • Provide tools and documentation to improve the localization of applications.
  • Establish channels to collaborate in the improvement of Maemo localization in officially supported languages.
  • Provide tools and documentation to create and maintain Maemo localizations in languages supported at a community level.
  • Co-ordinate efforts of translators of international pages in the wiki

See Task:Evaluate Transifex

[edit] Status

Update: We now have a MeeGo L10n roadmap: http://wiki.meego.com/L10N/RoadmapProposal

There was a Localization track during Maemo Barcelona Long Weekend. The result of the workshop was the Community Localization System.

See also the Talk thread: Community translations of Maemo software.

There are a number of pages in the wiki being translated by users.

See also Task:Evaluate Transifex.

[edit] Maemo 5

There are several localization packages released with the SDK or, ultimately, in the Maemo 5 image:

  • hildon-application-manager-l10n-public
  • hildon-common-strings-l10n-public
  • hildon-control-panel-l10n-public
  • hildon-fm-l10n-public
  • hildon-input-method-l10n-public
  • hildon-libs-l10n-public
  • hildon-status-bar-usb-l10n-public
  • ke-recv-l10n-public
  • maemo-af-desktop-l10n-public
  • marketing-release-public
  • modest-l10n-public
  • osso-applet-tasknavigator-l10n-public
  • osso-countries-l10n-public
  • osso-filemanager-l10n-public
  • osso-games-l10n-public
  • osso-help-l10n-public
  • osso-rss-feed-reader-l10n-public
  • osso-system-lock-l10n-public
  • osso-uri-l10n-public

Please list the localization packages you are missing sorted by relevance:

  1. First item, the most relevant.

[edit] Maemo 6

In Harmattan the localizations files will use Qt's .ts format. For community L10n Qt Linguist should already work fine.