There are a number of ways to start triaging:


[edit] Triage a single application

Pick up the product or component that interest you, or which you know about, or are willing to learn, or happen to use. You can query for existing open reports and take a look at issues that interest you, for example in order to update them by updating the Version field, or noting that they have been already fixed in the version you use (please mention the exact version that you use in a comment). If you want to constantly be informed about any changes, set up user watching by adding the "QA Default Contact" email address to your "User Watching" list. See here for a longer explanation about how this works.

[edit] Triage the Extras category

maemo.org Bugzilla does not only host official Nokia software, but also many non-Nokia products. Their maintainers are always happy about a helping hand. The steps explained in "Triage a single application" also apply here. You can explicitly search for bug reports on applications in Extras by setting the Classification to Extras on Bugzilla's Query website.

[edit] Triage the latest incoming reports

Take a look at the latest incoming reports of the last two weeks and try to reproduce them, or ask for missing information, or add additional information. See the Triage Guide.

[edit] Try to reproduce reports that are UNCONFIRMED

Many reported problems cannot be easily reproduced. Take a look at bug reports in UNCONFIRMED state, try to reproduce them, and feel free to add a comment either with instructions to reproduce or that you could not reproduce it and mention the version that you use. Please do not add such comments for reports in NEW status though.

[edit] Update reports of older versions

Take a look at old bug reports and try to reproduce them with the latest software release to find out whether the reports are still valid. If they have been fixed in the meantime, you can set them to RESOLVED FIXED and set the Target Milestone to the version that works fine, plus adding a comment about it. List of open reports for Maemo version 4.1 or earlier.

[edit] Clean up reports that need more information

Clean up bugs with moreinfo keyword that have not been changed for 6 months. This means that more information had been requested from the reporter but has not been provided. These bugs should be closed as WORKSFORME if you are not able to reproduce. If there is simply not enough information to be a useful report, then close the bug as INVALID. Please always explain your decision by adding a nice comment and in the latter case, ask the reporter to provide the information asked for, if he can, and reopen the bug. The Bugsquad#How_everybody_can_help Greasemonkey triage helper script can help you here.

[edit] Update the stock answers

In order to help tracking down an issue, we share some technical knowledge as Stock answers. These answers are partially still from Maemo 4, and things have changed for Maemo 5, plus new functionality and products have been added. If you have some knowledge that you would like to share, Bugs:Stock_answers is the place to do it.

[edit] Update your own reports

Most of us have submitted bugs in the past and forgotten about them. Take a look at them and check whether they still apply in the latest software version. Go to the Query website and make sure that under "Status" UNCONFIRMED, NEW, ASSIGNED and REOPENED are checked. Under "Email and Numbering", enable "the reporter" and enter your email address below in the text field.