This is the startpage for everybody interesting in dealing with bug reports in maemo.org Bugzilla.



[edit] What is a Bugsquad?

The maemo.org Bugsquad is a team that takes a look at the incoming and existing bug reports in maemo.org Bugzilla to make sure that they are in good shape before a developer spends time on the reports.

[edit] How everybody can help

[edit] Triaging

Triaging means to make sure that a problem has not already been reported before and that it has correct, enough and recent information.

  • Triage guide: A guide for triagers that explains good practices when triaging bug reports.
  • Stock answers: List of stock replies to use for various types of bug reports. We collect and provide product-specific information and knowledge for triagers that can be used as a first feedback for reports that are too vague to be helpful or interesting for developers.
  • Greasemonkey triage helper script: A small helper script is available. After installing the Greasemonkey Add-on in a Mozilla browser (e.g. Firefox), click here to install it. It provides common stock answers that can be inserted by one click from the list above the comment field in maemo.org Bugzilla. Just play with it a bit (You can reload a bug report website by using Control+F5). Enhancements and patches are welcome and should be sent to aklapper at openismus dot com.
  • Tasks: You can take a look at new reports, reproduce reports in your favorite application, or clean up old "moreinfo" reports. Just pick your favourite area. The section "Potential Tasks" of the Triage Guide lists some ideas.

[edit] Reporting

[edit] How to join the Bugsquad

  • Read the "How everybody can help" section above again in case you skipped the link to the Triage Guide.
  • Send an email to bugzilla@maemo.org or chat with us (e.g. andre__) in the #maemo channel on Freenode IRC and ask for triaging permissions.
  • Add yourself to the "Bugsquad Members" list below.
  • Welcome to the team! :-)

[edit] Bugdays

The Bugsquad sometimes has a Bugday where we look through old Bugzilla reports to clean up. Of course we don't just do this on bugdays, but it's more fun together and a cool way to introduce new people.

The next bugday is unplanned.

Potential tasks, not only for bugdays, are listed here. Future plans are to have this on a monthly basis with different topics that we concentrate on.

  • Topics to discuss at the next Bugday.

[edit] What everybody should know

[edit] Bug and Feature Jars

[edit] Bug resolutions and what they mean

  • In general: https://bugs.maemo.org/page.cgi?id=fields.html#resolution
    • Bugs are closed as RESOLVED FIXED when the code has been internally written and verified to fix the issue.
    • Enhancements can be closed as RESOLVED FIXED when the issue has been added to the Roadmap or Specification for a next version.

[edit] What applications maintainers should know

  • Adding Extra products: A guide for Extras maintainers of packages in the Extras repository what information to provide for getting added in Bugzilla.

[edit] What Nokia developers should know

[edit] What Bugzilla administrators should know

  • Administration guide: A guide for administrators for creating products, components and virtual users.

[edit] Bugsquad Members

The following list contains everybody who is (or was) part of the bugsquad. The column "Categories of major interest" is showing the parts of bugs.maemo.org which are watched regularly. The column "Categories of minor interest" is showing the parts of bugs.maemo.org which are watched irregularly (but more often than never).

The intention of this list is to see which places in bugs.maemo.org are monitored often (or by many Bugsquad members) and which categories are watched rarely (or by AndrĂ© only ;)).

Member Status Categories of major interest Categories of minor interest
Andre (maemo.org bugmaster) active
  • Everything in Maemo Official Apps
  • Everything in Maemo Official Platform
  • Everything under maemo.org Website > Bugzilla
  • Everything else
Tim Samoff
lma semi-active
  • diablo-community-updates.
  • The open-standard parts of modest and rtcomm (ie IMAP, POP, SMTP, XMPP, SIP but not Nokia Messaging, Mail for Exchange, Skype etc).
  • Busybox
  • Input methods
  • SDK
  • Anything with "patch", "security" or "use-time" keywords.
  • Everything else in Official Platform / Official Apps
Uwe 'jukey' Kaminski active
  • browser-bugs@maemo.bugs (microb Browser)
  • modest-bugs@maemo.bugs (Mail Application)
  • general@miniature.garage.bugs (Miniature Chess)
  • documentation@maemo.org
  • rtcomm@maemo.org
  • general-bugs@canola.garage.bugs
  • general-bugs@mer.garage.bugs
yerga taking a break, but will return
  • Multimedia related (mafw, camera, media-player, image-viewer, etc.)
  • Modest
  • Application manager
  • Hildon and GTK+
  • Pymaemo
  • My apps have lots of bugs too
  • Website related (downloads, garage, repositories, etc.)
  • MicroB
  • Communication and PIM (telepathy, im-chat, contacts, calendar, etc.)
  • Location (framework and maps)
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[edit] Future plans


[edit] Documentation

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