FOSDEM is a yearly free and non-commercial event in Brussels, from February 5th till February 7th 2010. It's organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide free and open source developers a place to meet. This page is to coordinate Maemo participation. See also the Maemo activity on FOSDEM 2009

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[edit] Tracks

There will be Maemo content in several different tracks this year, reflecting the nature of the project as both a contributor to upstream projects and an entire distribution.

Here you will find information about Maemo content in each of the tracks.

[edit] Security - main track

[edit] Embedded

The biggest contingent of Maemo-related content will be in the Embedded track.

The embedded/mobile room is the place to be for people with an interest in everything small, hidden, with different CPU's and/or a gadget or mobile device.

Here we discuss and present things like hacking your phone, PDA or router and everything about cross-compiling. The people that gather here are usually doing tons of cool stuff with small low-powered devices, from playing music to controlling big and complex systems.

Maemo related content:

[edit] Cross-desktop


Maemo related content

[edit] Crossdistro Summit

H.1302 / H.1308
The FOSDEM organisers want to push the envelope of their mission even further by organizing something along the lines of a "distribution summit" during FOSDEM 2010.
The idea is that rather than having several distributions with their own respective and individual Developer Room, we will host mixed conference rooms where talks and sessions will be organized by topic, with contributors from all distributions attending and participating. Any linux distribution can participate.

Maemo related content



Maemo related content

[edit] Mozilla


[edit] Saturday evening

Unless anyone has a better idea, let's meet up in la Porte Noir from 19h30 on (or later), where the GNOME hackers are meeting. Apparently they have a great collection of beers. Address: La Porte Noir, 67 rue des Alexiens, Bruxelles

[edit] Attendees

Please keep the list in alphabetical order by first name.

List of attendees
Name Nick Attendance Friday Beer Event? Maemo Dinner? More?
Alberto Garcia agarcia Confirmed Probably Probably
Andrea Borgia aboaboit Confirmed Probably Maybe
Andre Klapper andre Yeah Sure I'd love to
Arnim Sauerbier arnims Confirmed Yes Yes Hanging out in Aachen
Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen asbjornit Confirmed Sure No Will bring N900
Chris Phillips chrisp7 Possibly, depends on costs/time off If Im going, definitely ditto
Dave Neary dneary Yes No Yup Flying with Easyjet, arriving around 10pm Friday.
David King amigadave Confirmed Maybe Sure
Ekaterina Gerasimova kittykat Confirmed Maybe Sure
Florian Boor florian Confirmed No Maybe
Gerard Braad gbraad Planned, not confirmed  ? Probably
Henri Bergius bergie Yes Yes Maybe
Jeremiah C. Foster Jeremiah Confirmed Most likely will show up, won't get drunk though. Let's make this happen. :)
Kasper Souren guaka Definitely. Likely Possibly can host!
Kees Jongenburger keesj Confirmed No No
Lucas Maneos lma Confirmed Probably Probably
Marc Blumenfrucht realitygaps Confirmed Yes Probably
Marcin Juszkiewicz hrw Confirmed Yes Rather not Catch me at OpenEmbedded stand
Martin Dengler mtd Confirmed Yes Yes Will bring N900
Michael Hasselmann mikhas Confirmed Confirmed OK!
Mustali Dalal archebyte Confirmed Yes Yes Will bring my N900
Per Wille wille Confirmed Yes Probably
Peter De Schrijver p2mate Confirmed Yes Maybe

[edit] Other useful information

  • Mobile Vikings offers prepaid Belgian SIM cards with 1 GB data, 1000 SMS messages and 60 minutes calling for 15 euro (if porting number, else the card costs 15 euro in addition to the minimum top-up of 15 euro to get data/sms offer)
  • [1] Bicycle Rental opportunities (weather permitting)