Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend/Localization

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Just some brainstorming here. Feel free to add/modify/remove :)

  • For Developers
    • How to enable localization in your application (for different languages)
    • How to write good strings (singular, plural, format strings, ...)
    • What to avoid when writing strings (positional arguments, ...)
    • How to enable Transifex submissions into your SCM repository
  • For Translators
    • How to get started / i18n basics
    • Translation best practices / common pitfalls
    • How to test your translations on the device
    • How to commit translations using Transifex
    • Available tools
    • How to translate packages name and description
  • Translators meet Developers
    • Goal: Complete translations into Spanish/Catalan/... of community applications by the end of the weekend
  • Translators meet Maemo

[edit] Result

The result of the workshop was the Community Localization System. See also a PDF of notes from the workshop.

[edit] Participants