The following people and teams make up some parts of the Maemo ecosystem.

Links go to their individual blogs or sites.


[edit] The team is maintained and developped by a group of professional and volunteer community members who have assumed certain roles within Maemo. They are the team.

[edit] Module maintainers

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For each module defined in the Maemo platform diagram, there are one or more primary technical contacts within the project. While the recommended way to report issues against a platform is to report a bug in Bugzilla, and the best place to ask technical questions is the mailing lists, these are the people behind the modules, who can give you technical information, or point you in the right direction.

The following modules are defined in the Maemo architecture diagram:

[edit] Nokia community member blogs

These links are taken from Tableteer. See the Tableteer Team Page for their profiles!

[edit] More Blogs

[edit] Dr. Ari Jaaksi

Nokia VP and Head of the Maemo Software team. He has a blog.

[edit] WOM World

WOM World cherry picks some of the best and brightest posts across the blogging planet and reports them with commentary.

[edit] Jonathan Greene

Writer of Atmaspheric Endeavors and

[edit] Reggie Suplido

Maintainer of InternetTabletTalk and itT forums.

[edit] John Tokash

Writer of his own blog, often talking about Internet Tablets

[edit] Krisse (neoncherry)

Writer/owner/videographer for Tablet School

[edit] Ricky Cadden

Owner of Symbian-Guru started Tablet Guru for his Internet Tablet writings. This focus has been restarted and rebranded as Maemo Guru

[edit] Karoliina Salminen

A Nokia employee who does a lot of blogging on her own.

[edit] Daniel Gentleman

Owner of ThoughtFix LLC which operates

[edit] Tim Samoff

Maemo Community Council member and independent blogger at Tim Samoff // Weblog

[edit] Randall Arnold (texrat)

A former Nokia employee and current council member who often approaches Maemo and related devices from a high level at Tabula Crypticum. Filter using category Mentioning Maemo (

[edit] Community development

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