Task:Getting Nokia involved in bugs.maemo.org

This article is continued discussion from the maemo.org brainstorm
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This is an ongoing task, planned to be completed during the current maemo.org development sprint. Any help is appreciated!
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This task is part of Objective:One place to track feedback.

This task aims to provide a set of clear, attainable goals with a workable timeline based on the ideas and discussion in bug #630. The primary objective is to improve openness by getting Nokia to work in the community.

[edit] Goals

  • Increase Nokia's overall openness.
  • Get Nokia to do its work in the community, not just with it.
  • Get Nokia engineers and product managers involved in Bugzilla.

[edit] First steps

  • Begin encouraging Nokia engineers and product managers to register in Bugzilla and get involved.
  • Begin assigning products to real Nokia engineers and product managers, and have them triage and manage the bugs in their products. Triaging (real triaging and prioritization, not just community guesswork) should not be done by just one person (Andre, primarily, though Karsten is also involved here).

[edit] Long-term tasks

  • Close down the internal bug tracker to all open products and move the bug tracking of open products to Bugzilla.