University Course

This page will always be under construction.

An intensive university course for two weeks in which to get familiar with Qt programming on Maemo and the tools used for that.


[edit] Preparations

  • How to set up a garage account and project
  • Think of a simple app that can be coded in about a week (doesn't matter if there is already an app out there that does what you think is cool, it's supposed to be a learning experience for you)
  • Form small 3 person teams
  • Use garage for project tracking
  • Get the tools and go!

[edit] Course format

  • Small teams for the projects, preferably about 3 people per team
  • Run in a SCRUM way - but this is up to the teams
  • Sprints last for about three days
  • Course mentors visit as possible and needed in the afternoons

[edit] Schedule

Week 1.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9.30 - What is Maemo?

What is Qt?

Setting up continued.
Afternoon 14 - Getting the tools.

Setting up.

Sprint review 12-14

Week 2.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9.30 - Last minute polish
Afternoon 14 - Sprint review Sprint review Packaging applications Project review

[edit] Useful links

[edit] Getting the tools

Choose either MADDE or full SDK

  • Decision - use MADDE

[edit] Qt docs

Qt & Maemo examples, Forum Nokia

Trolltech official Qt docs. Excellent source. Use the version recommended (4.5 or 4.6) on the course.

Qt packaging guide and simpler packaging using Madde.

Design Patterns with Qt4

Signals and slots tutorial

Location Example

[edit] Getting help

  • Irc channel #maemo or (and the course specific one too)
  • Maemo-developers mailing list on
  • Course mentors directly by mail or IM

[edit] Course project list

  • MaeRemote Niko Hämäläinen(Milo/Meelo), Markku Velinen(Dzarg), Daniel Suni(Izmo)
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Breakout klooni ja lähes toimivat törmäykset
  • MetropoliaMap by Jarmo Pihlajaniemi(Pihlis), Teemu Jaakola(tejaa), Aarne Relander(Taarne)
  • Reittiopas by Lari (Plektra), Janne (janvi) and Miku (ryokale)
  • MeegoMPC by Timo Myyrä(zmyrgel), Juho Esselström(Juhise), Juho Rautio(spaideri)

[edit] Afterwards

Continue the project if you think it's fun.

Publishing on extras.