MADDE is currently a technology preview.

These instructions are liable to change as development progresses. If some of the components do not work as expected, please add your question to the MADDE talk thread and follow up the discussion. is down, see MADDE#Installation for alternatives.


[edit] Introduction

This is a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW of a new development tool for Maemo. MADDE stands for Maemo Application Development and Debugging Environment and offers the following features:

  • Command-line cross-compiling
  • Multi-platform support (Linux (32-bit/64-bit), Windows, Mac OS X)
  • Configurable for different targets & toolchains
  • Client for the device to simplify the development process
  • Simplicity

Latest TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW is version 0.7.48, published 2010-10-21.

You are welcome to test the tool in your development process. But keep in mind that this is a technology preview. We highly appreciate your feedback in talk, the maemo-developers mailing list and especially in bugzilla (Developer Platform -> MADDE).

Find the talk-thread around MADDE here.

[edit] MADDE and Nokia Qt SDK (Release Candidate)

The newest version of MADDE is part of the release candidate of the Nokia Qt SDK. This means that you can install QtCreator and MADDE with one single file for Windows and Linux. This page serves to explain in more detail how to use MADDE as a single component, or to link your QtCreator installation, with MADDE. If you are staring with the Qt development, it is recommended to use the Nokia Qt SDK, which makes some manual installation steps obsolete.

Nokia Qt SDK (Release Candidate)

In the latest version of the Nokia Qt SDK (1.0.1) setting up a N900 Emulator likely won't work, so I recommend using the newest stand-alone version of MADDE

[edit] Installation

  1. Download the file for your operating system from MADDE on sf (both original links down. use sf. MADDE downloads, temporary replacement: on
  2. Depending on your operating system:
    • Windows: Execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions
      NOTE: You need NTFS file system for installing MADDE on the drive.
    • Linux, Mac OS X: Open the terminal and run:
      sh <MADDE installer>
  3. Start the environment
    • Windows: Find the MADDE terminal in:
      Start -> Programs -> MADDE -> MADDE terminal
      General information for Windows users: Projects, which are created in MADDE are stored in:
    • Linux, Mac OS X: Use the terminal to run the MADDE commands as described in the guides.

[edit] Guides

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