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==Activity log==
==Activity log==
Latest activity report goes on top.
Latest activity report goes on top.
; Sunday 2008-07-13
* Dave
** Since Wednesday: Attended GUADEC, patchy internet access, updated WPotD, but a little disappointed in community response (with the exception of GeneralAntilles)
** Tomorrow: Update [[modifying the root image]] and [[using Valgrind and gdb in Scratchbox]]
; Friday 2008-07-11
; Friday 2008-07-11
* Niels
* Niels

Revision as of 22:02, 13 July 2008



Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed


Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-05-10 Who's who in Maemo Dave  % Discussion on implementation details pending
2008-05-10 Companies involved in Maemo development Dave  % Initial group of companies defined
2008-06-10 Consolidation of Extras Niels 0% Niels must specify what goes in this sprint
2008-06-10 Extras % maemo.org/downloads integration Niels  % Complete and/or document in wiki page
2006-06-10 Registration and sponsorship for Maemo summit 2008 Oskari/Bergie  % About to release
2008-06-10 Update maemo.org/intro Dave DONE Just few pages waiting to be moved - links to be added
2008-06-10 Better extras categories and debtags Niels  % Proposal needs to be drafted in wiki page
2008-06-10 Put the Bugsquad in place Andre/Karsten  % See this mail
2008-06-10 Forum interface to mailing lists released Oskari/Bergie  % Beta to be made public for testing
2008-06-10 User profile improvements defined and started Oskari  %  ?
2008-06-10 No pages remaining in Category:Midgard wiki Dave 20% The target is actually the end of July
2008-06-30 Maemo brand Quim DONE Considering this OK. Formal approval before the next sprint meeting unless someone finds a bug.
2008-06-30 Sprint progress Quim DONE The process is setup, now it's up to everybody to do their part.
2008-06-30 Components and packages Soumya  % Briefing Soumya-Quim made
2008-06-30 Maemo.org_logo_contest selection process Dave  % Agreed that needs to be selection and not voting
2008-06-30 Maemo Summit 2008 organization Quim 10% Inviting key people
2008-06-30 All components of product Website in good hands Andre  %  ?


Created Bug Component Assigned  % Highlights
2005-09-18 desktop-files documented poorly Documentation Dave DONE
2005-10-10 Use the wiki for developer documentation Documentation Dave DONE Now in the hands of Maemo SW team.
2006-06-26 Increased Bugzilla transparency - get the developers involved! Bugzilla Andre/Karsten  %
2007-06-26 Cleaning the community wiki from official docs Documentation Dave 40% "Wiki Page of the Day" is picking up
2007-11-05 Karma system should allow more e-mail addresses Profile Bergie  %
2007-11-06 Maemo user profile public formatting isn't nice Profile Bergie  %
2008-01-24 It took a week to announcement to appear in maemo.org front page General Bergie  % Depends on Task:Fast Server
2008-06-05 Midgard access control for folders and pages does not work Documentation UNASSIGNED  %
2008-06-18 Defining company and role in profiles Profile UNASSIGNED  % HIGH because of Summit registration and Who is Who
2008-06-18 Garage is (re)sending a "maemo logo competition" mail every hour Garage Ferenc 85 %
2008-06-23 Wiki pages sometimes fail to load with "lost network connection" Wiki Ferenc 99% Will close it if there is no update on the bug in a week
2008-06-23 Install the citation extension for the wiki Wiki Ferenc DONE
2008-06-29 MediaBox Media Center appears as developed by Nokia when it's not Downloads Bergie 0%
2008-06-29 MediaBox Media Center appears as developed by Nokia when it's not Downloads Bergie REASSIGNED Bug seems to be in midcom/datamanager, reassigning to bergie
2008-06-29 Install the Category Tree extension for the wiki Wiki Ferenc DONE
2008-06-29 Install the Dynamic Page List extension for the wiki Wiki Ferenc DONE
2008-06-30 Publishing packages to garage.maemo.org often results in "lost connection" and "permission denied" from scp Garage Ferenc DONE

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

Sunday 2008-07-13
Friday 2008-07-11
Thursday 2008-07-10
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Added a non-free queue for diablo extras, so we can test adding packages there. Fixed garage svn stats and a chinook repository corruption.
    • Today: Look into how to easily record changes for packages and work on Task:Consolidation_of_Extras
Wednesday 2008-07-09
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Fixed screenshots in /downloads, some wiki work and extras user help.
Tuesday 2008-07-08
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Finished migrating new Intro. Cleaned up partitioning a flash card. Finished a GNOME press release. Travelled to Istanbul.
    • Today: Ran GNOME Mobile BOF. Will play in FreeFA World Cup this afternoon.
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Had the Maemo & Nokia BOF at GUADEC. Met Andre & Karsten + many others. Socializing.
    • Today: Upload audio file of the session and blog about it. Review Summit registrations. Invite upstream maintainers to the Maemo Summit.
    • Problems: None
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Assisted extras users, blogged about downloads auto updating, installed and tested the new profile pages, fixed bug #3412: permalink for downloads broken, installed and tested patch for memcached related issues on maemo.org.
    • Today: Work on Extras related documentation and plans. Add link on /downloads to Extras upload documentation.
    • Problems: None
Monday 2008-07-07
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on some repository dependency problems for extras and DP team. Added automatic version updating to /downloads with data from the extras repositories. Worked on some bugs and did some user support for extras.
    • Today: Blog automatic version update, Work on Task:Consolidation_of_Extras
    • Problems: None
Friday 2008-07-04
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: follow-up mail and bugmail; ITT and mailing list postings
    • Today: follow-up mail and bugmail; triaging incoming bug reports and reproducing/forwarding issues
    • Problems: None
  • Dave
    • Today: Caught up on 2 days email. Sick baby. Not much progress.
    • Problems: No babysitter :(
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on extras dependency problem and tried to get more info about the SSU dependencies. Tested registration interface and did some fixes. Test automatic version update script for downloads on the internal test machine.
    • Today: Work on open bugs and downloads version updates.
    • Problems: None
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Launched the Maemo Summit + feedback on registration related bugs + promotion in planets and ITt.
    • Today: Clarify OSiM registration for Summit participants and little else since I'm flying to Istanbul.
    • Problems: Bug 3264 impedes better Summit promotion in maemo.org. I can't find the way in Midgard to approve sponsorship requests.
Thursday 2008-07-03
  • Dave
    • Yesterday and Today: Attended a conference (RMLL 2008) yesterday and today, and prepared presentations most of the day Tuesday. Renewed usb_networking as Wiki page of the Day - unfortunately, no improvements to the page so far. I plan to work on it tomorrow to kick-start the effort.
    • Problems: None of note.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Tested garage svn commit mail problems, worked on repository dependency issues, worked on .install files and library problems for extras, blogged about promotion interface and checked some autobuilder problems.
    • Today: A bit more dependency problems, make sure registration interface works today. Add more documentation to the wiki about Extras.
    • Problems: Reporting system for download stats lags, so I can't update the stats in /downloads
Wednesday 2008-07-02
  • Ferenc
    • Yesterday: Accepting bugs for this sprint
    • Today: Working on the bugs shown with light blue. Expected fix for those are early tomorrow.
    • Problems: None
  • Niels
    • Activities: Yesterday I added IRC log of sprint meeting, extras support, committed promotion interface changes, checked connection problems builder, tried to fix libglade2 dependency problems in extras-devel for diablo, user support for autobuilder (mostly build-depends problems), autobuilder bug hunting, #maemo contact change requested, fixed problem in maemo profile, notified about .install files missing for diablo.
    • Problems: Autobuilder connection problem with proxy (need others to fix this issue), .install files not available for diablo. (Need changes in promoter for that) [Plan for today:] Fix and check libglade dependency problems in diablo extras-devel, find a solution for .install files --xfade 08:42, 2 July 2008 (UTC)