Sprints/May 09

May 2009 Sprint planning


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Committed Due date Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
8.11-01 2008-11-04 May 09 Texts for Should Quim 20% Maemo 5 beta and Danish Weekend ate most of the time I had prepared for this.
9.02-01 2009-02-04 April 09 List Maemo bugzilla patches - create patchset Should Andre ?
9.03-01 2009-03-05 May 09 Maemo Summit 2009 - finalise venue Must Quim 33% Venues visited by Kees, Niels and Quim. Decision between WesterGasFabriek (waiting for their budget) and Felix Meritis.
9.04-02 2009-04-06 April 09 Git For Garage - garage integration Must Ferenc 90% Gitweb's skin is not matching garage, but other than that this is done. Remaining task is to be pushed to May.
9.04-05 2009-04-06 May 09 Implement new layout and style - Bugzilla Must Ryan 80% Sent the templates off to Andre. Waiting on progress there.
9.04-07 2009-04-06 May 09 Karma for applications - implement Should indeyets 60% Application-stats are gathered since 2009-06-10
9.04-08 2009-04-06 May 09 ITP process/workflow Could jeremiah 80% Have a rough prototype up and running on test.m.o ->
9.04-09 2009-04-06 May 09 Setup Single_sign-on|SSO testing environment Must Daniel ?
9.04-10 2009-04-06 May 09 Run a test build of all Diablo Extras packages on Fremantle Must Jeremiah 55% I will try to build as many packages from diablo as possible and file bugs when found, contact developers when needed. Built a build order list for extras-devel, Niels wrote a script to automate build of libs
9.05-01 2009-05-07 May 09 Git For Garage - UI Must Ferenc 99% The 1st real tests have passed :) Marked 99% only because I want more tests this week (w24 that is).
9.05-02 2009-05-07 May 09 Task:Using Could Ferenc 0%
9.05-03 2009-05-07 May 09 Moderators and moderation for Brainstorm Must Dave DONE Moderators all informed, sent to Council
9.05-04 2009-05-07 May 09 Break down Summit into subtasks Should Dave DONE See Summit planning page. Current top priority is the call for content. Nokia events will do much of the preparation of the site & parties.
9.05-05 2009-05-07 May 09 Style and layout for MXR Must Ryan 20% Started playing with the templates, but probably can't finish this month. Having VCS issues and don't really have time to resolve them with work.
9.05-06 2009-05-07 May 09 Style and layout for lists Must Niels 100% done
9.05-07 2009-05-07 May 09 Style and layout for Extras promoter Must Niels 100% done
9.05-08 2009-05-07 May 09 Brainstorm documentation Should Ryan 0% Will start looking next week.
9.05-09 2009-05-07 May 09 Finish up alternative desktops Could qole 35% Need screen shots, 2x text for all projects
9.05-10 2009-05-07 May 09 Create Emulators and virtual machines Could qole 0% Probably not happening this month.
9.05-11 2009-05-07 May 09 Create alternative operating systems sticky for Talk Should qole Done
9.05-12 2009-05-07 May 09 Put together minimal Extras QA Should Jeremiah 60% Read that long and confusing QA page. Began discussion with Niels and have started coding. Would like greater participation from everyone on the wiki.

Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

  • Dave
    • Today: Draft call for content for Maemo Summit, push along content committee for conference
    • Yesterday: Email and forums. Mostly got waylaid working on the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit and helping co-ordinate a conference stand for a local non-profit.
  • Jeremiah
    • Building some apps in fremantle
    • Considering how to remove python apps in the SDK and releasing them to the world
  • Dave
    • Today: Finalise initial list of moderators for Brainstorm
    • Last few days: Working out issues with Fremantle beta, working on bugs, initial planning for, Council public IRC meeting.
  • Andre
    • Today: Discussing doc issues + some Fremantle bug objectives; Update&document doc bugs handling in Bugsquad wikipages; Import outstanding api doc bugs of modules that are not handled in public; Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
    • Yesterday: Add 'docs' keyword and split doc bugs into general and api-refs; Updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
  • Jeremiah
    • Worked on the inotify interface to incoming packages to fremantle, that looks perhaps ready to use. Need to confer with Niels on when and how to move away from cron
    • Styled itp.cgi a bit since people said it looked web 1.0 (or web 0.5 :p)
  • Andre
    • Today: Add 'docs' keyword and split doc bugs into general and api-refs; Updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
    • Yesterday: Updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc); internal weekly report
  • Alexey
    • Today: org.maemo.productstats component is running and gathering stats for App-karma
  • Jeremiah
    • Major hacking on ITP, testing, fixing bugs, exposing it to users to test
    • itp.cgi will be used for RFP as well
  • Niels
    • Today: Website bug fixing, work on QA interface doc.
  • Jeremiah
    • Connecting database to front-end cgi
    • This should allow us a way to search and see which packages are already in maemo, packages coming in, and what package people want
  • Niels
    • Friday: Checked aftermath of webserver harddisk failure issues, tested products stats module for App karma, checked clutter dependency fixes on autobuilder.
    • Today: Fixes for Downloads automatic import script (version issue),more app karma testing, attend council meeting. Look at broken packages in extras.
  • Andre
    • Today & Friday: Mostly updating report statuses wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
  • Jeremiah
    • More work on itp.cgi, weekend hacking is fun
  • Jeremiah
    • Hacked on itp.cgi, the interface to creating an "Intent to Package" event.
  • Jeremiah
    • Hacked maemian mostly, integrating upstream code base
    • Nokia changes available
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Mostly some Scratchbox bugs reproducing and testing
    • Today: Some Brainstorm discussing & beta-testing; hacking on my Greasemonkey scripts
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Continued discussion on brainstorm moderators. Niels had some suggestions about adding moderator groups per brainstorm module to ensure that only moderators who are competent to change state of ideas do so. I'm not convinced it's a problem. Invitations for initial moderators sent. Awaiting replies.
    • Today: Bits & pieces - email, bugs & forums. Mostly working on a different project.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Caught up on email, got good news on bug 4503. Updated and worked on stats. Discussed brainstorm workflow with Dave. Lots of minor things.
    • Today: Plot out QA plan. Discuss with Jeremiah who does what. Talk to Alexey about App Karma.
  • Jeremiah
    • Maemian upstream integration, styling, and logic changes
    • Maemian actually parses debs and spits out info, still lots of warnings though
  • Niels
    • Friday: Traveled to Copenhagen, had some great discussions at the social event at ITU.
    • Saturday: Had some talks about autobuilding with developers. Decreased autobuilder and repository processing delays for Fremantle Extras-devel. Ported some libs to Fremantle, tested some extras-devel apps out on the developer device. Worked on enhancements for Downloads
    • Sunday: Talked with Fennec guys about how to provide updates through Extras. Had discussions with Mer guys about how to offer Nokia binaries for Mer through Looked at a demonstration of OBS by David Greaves to see how Mer uses this service. Sat down with Andre and Soumya to push bug #4503. Discussed the use of Transiflex for community translations.
  • Dave
    • Friday: Made good progress on Brainstorm - discussed with Henri, council and Andre, copying Ubuntu brainstorm moderator guidelines, prepared initial proposal for moderators
    • Today: Short day today. Follow up on moderators, adding a few more people on suggestion of council. Awaiting approval before sending out invitations.
  • Jeremiah
    • Recovering from MozMae! :)
  • Andre (at Mozilla/Maemo Danish weekend)
    • Yesterday: collected bugs and added "upstream" keyword them; write guidelines for Cloning internal bugs; fixed obsolete milestones so Bugzilla database sanity check succeeds; conference talks/presentations/discussions
    • Today: Some triaging; discussed bug 4503 with Niels & Soumya; conference talks/presentations/discussions
  • Jeremiah (at Mozilla/Maemo Danish weekend)
    • Pulled down the fennec deb to try to do some reverse engineering
    • Spoke with the Mozilla team about packaging fennec
  • Jeremiah (at Mozilla/Maemo Danish weekend)
    • Worked a bit with Kees to get gary's liqbase into a deb
    • Conferencing with the rest of the folks, listening to talks, etc.
    • Short discussion with Niels about autobuilding
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: - Meetings with Soumya and Jarmo, Stefan, a detailed discussion with Murray, more exchanges with Fred, and a good exchange between Murray, Jarmo and myself on the new docs infrastructure.
    • Today: Continue discussion on docs, try to figure out the major issues with the proposed architecture. Research Ubuntu Brainstorm. Talk to Jaffa, GA, Henri about what they expect from moderation guidelines and moderators.
  • Jeremiah
    • Maemian hacking.
    • Finally fixed a bug that was plaguing me on test.m.o but did not exist in later versions of debian, (test.m.o is debian etch).
  • Dave
    • This week: Work through several documentation bugs, catch up with email, forums, and start plans for - talked to Fred Peters to get more technical details about
    • Today: Phone meeting with Jarmo and Soumya about coproduction of Maemo documentation, first draft of moderator guidelines for Maemo ideas, talk to Murray and Stefan about requirements and path to attaining them.
  • Jeremiah
    • Trying to track down a bug in one of the maemian perl modules
    • Sent a mail to lintian team about it, and have filed a bug in Perl's RT
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on garage performance issues. Added new styling skin for promoter.
    • Today: Look at autobuilder version comparison issue. Work on Package QA and interface.
  • Niels
    • Today: Work on garage performance issues. Add new styling skin for promoter. Talk to Jeremiah about the package database etc.
  • Jeremiah
    • Working on maemian, did a test run on some .dsc files
    • Found a way to add uploaders to the packaging database
    • Needs more discussion with Niels before implementation
  • Jeremiah
    • Sending some more packages to the automated builder
    • Serious work on maemian
  • Niels
    • Today: Automatically rebuild all libs from diablo for fremantle.
  • Andre
    • Last days: Normal Triage/Sync; Clean up oops/admin group in Bugzilla; Contact packagers using maemo-select-menu-location; Bug 3846...
    • Today: Monthly Feature Jar; bug 3846
    • Tomorrow&Friday: Two days off
  • Jeremiah
    • Packaging discussion with Jani
    • Began work on maemian, coding in earnest
    • Discussed a bit automated package building with Niels, wrote out a build order for extras-devel
  • Niels
    • Last Thursday: Worked on website bugs and did a run of the automatic import for Extras -> Downloads, there are a few little issues but seemed to work.
    • Today: Catch up on email. Create script which automatically tries to build all libs in Diablo Extras for Fremantle.
  • Daniel
    • working on test environment:
      • CAS is running
      • LDAP directory contains few test accounts
      • Wiki is integrated
      • working on GForge and User Management
      • will update the wiki today
  • Jeremiah
    • Building diablo packages in the autobiulder
    • Surfed iTT and #maemo
  • Jeremiah
    • Building packages from diablo in fremantle
    • Blogged about packaging resources
    • Created a simple python app to be used as a packaging example
    • Surfing iTT for packaging problems
  • Niels
    • Yesterday and Monday: Worked on website bugs, fixed some styling issues, had some QA discussions and started to draw up an idea for the repository management interface for QA.
    • Today: Work on more website bugs and work on the Extras QA scripts/backend.
    • Friday, weekend, Monday: Not available because of a short trip.
  • Andre
    • Yesterday & Monday: Lots of syncing/forwarding issues; internal weekly report; short discussion about status whiteboard usage with GA
    • Today: Work on diffsets for bug 3846...
  • Jeremiah
    • Began porting diablo packages to fremantle
    • Created a script that pushes packages into the incoming fremantle builder
  • Dave
    • Friday: Bank holiday here in France for VE Day
    • Sunday: Ran my first marathon in Geneva in 2h26:33
    • Yesterday: Caught up with email and backlog
    • Today: Start work on the Maemo Summit sub-tasks checklist
  • Jeremiah
    • Discussing approach to QA Niels
    • Working with garage.m.o and testing.m.o to create git repos
    • Setting up local environment to do diablo package building
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on some website bugs, tested Brainstorm. Created a script for api documentation sync.
    • Today: Work on website bugs. Discuss concrete implementation plans for Extras QA with Jeremiah.
  • Jeremiah
    • More QA policy discussion
    • Working on a database schema to use for QA testing
    • Looking at lintian source
  • Ryan
    • Yesterday: Chaired Sprint review.
    • Today: Inputing all of the May tasks (whew!).
  • Jeremiah
    • Sprint review - well done Ryan!
    • Finishing up search prototype
  • Jeremiah
    • Updating external repos list
    • Built prototype -> here
  • Jeremiah
    • Started hacking on a search script for packages
  • Jeremiah
    • A little community chatter in #maemo and on lists
    • Gave the queue-manager a punch in the stomach to get it to index things.
    • Re-installing fremantle 5 beta SDK