Sprints/April 09

[edit] April 2009 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Committed Due date Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
8.11-01 2008-11-04 May 09 Texts for Should qgil 20% Maemo 5 beta and Danish Weekend ate most of the time I had prepared for this.
8.11-02 2008-11-04 April 09 Karma for applications - publish proposal Must Bergie 100% Karma providers list done
9.02-01 2009-02-04 April 09 List Maemo bugzilla patches - create patchset Should andre ?
9.03-01 2009-03-05 May 09 Maemo Summit 2009 - finalise venue Should qgil 33% Venues visited by Kees, Niels and Quim. Decision between WesterGasFabriek (waiting for their budget) and Felix Meritis.
9.03-02 2009-03-05 ? Create maemian from lintian Could / Should jeremiah 5%
9.03-03 2009-03-10 April 09 Update canonical list of external repositories. Must jeremiah 10% Include key packages not in any repo
9.03-04 2009-03-10 April 09 Reducing number of external repositories - contact outstanding owners Should jeremiah 5% Includes chinook -> diablo
9.04-01 2009-04-06 April 09 Git For Garage - svn-git tooling Must ferenc 50% Script done, and tested. Integration to the GForge UI is needed. Remaining tasks are to be pushed to May.
9.04-02 2009-04-06 April 09 Git For Garage - garage integration Should ferenc 90% Gitweb's skin is not matching garage, but other than that this is done. Remaining task is to be pushed to May.
9.04-03 2009-04-06 April 09 Implement new layout and style - midgard Must Niels 100% Deployed
9.04-04 2009-04-06 April 09 Implement new layout and style - mediawiki Must Niels 100% Deployed
9.04-05 2009-04-06 May 09 Implement new layout and style - bugs Should X-Fade 0%
9.04-06 2009-04-06 May 09 Implement new layout and style - ? Could X-Fade ?
9.04-07 2009-04-06 May 09 Karma for applications - implement Should Hirvinen 0%
9.04-08 2009-04-06 April 09 Propose ITP process/workflow Should jeremiah 75%
9.04-09 2009-04-06 May 09 Setup SSO testing environment Must danielwilms 0% URL?
9.04-10 2009-04-06 April 09 Port packages from diablo -> fremantle Could jeremiah 0% Specific enough? Needs task URL
9.04-11 2009-04-06 April 09 Open Source Proof Points - tidy up and merge wiki pages Must qole 100% Rewrote Alternative operating systems, pointed Task:Open Source Proof Points there. Done as much as I can do for now. Willing to add Alternative desktop environments in the next sprint.
9.04-12 2009-04-06 April 09 Implement new layout and style - testing Must timsamoff 100% Beta launch date set for 1200 UTC, Wednesday, 22-04-2009.
9.04-13 2009-04-06 April 09 Maemo brainstorm Must NetBlade 100% "Soft launched" on, process needs a bit of discussion
9.04-14 2009-04-06 April 09 Discuss sprint process improvements Must qole 100% See thread
9.04-10 2009-04-07 April 09 Reduce the number of packages in diablo through elimination of duplicate packages, old packages. Should jeremiah 100% Script to do this Now on github
9.04-10 2009-05-03 April 09 Diagnose autobuilder issues Should jeremiah 0% Autobuilder apparently removes source packages.

[edit] Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on dependency problem in autobuilder. Tried to debug login problem. Tested brainstorm.
    • Today: Work on some documentation importing, continue debugging login issue. Attend meeting.
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Mostly cleaning up older tickets & syncing
    • Today: Continued cleaning up older tickets; bug 3846; meeting
  • Dave
    • Past 5 days: Working on a client project
    • Since last report (21/4): May 1st long weekend. Working on content issues with new, track newstyle fall-out & bugs, and dig into Midgard to allow me to start fixing some of these bugs on my own.
  • Tim
    • Attended May 2009 Sprint meeting.
    • Altered CSS (master.css & planet.css) so that link titles were #404040 instead of orange.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Visited possible summit locations in Amsterdam together with Quim and Kees
    • Today: Catch up on email, look at autobuilder and dependency issues. Look at login issues.
  • Jeremiah
    • Updating external repos list
    • Built prototype -> here
  • Niels
    • Today: visit possible summit locations in Amsterdam together with Quim and Kees
  • Jeremiah
    • Started hacking on a search script for packages
  • Ryan
    • Past days: Dealing with Talk fallout, opened bugzilla component for Talk, filing Talk bugs.
    • Today: Pushing Maemo School towards using the wiki, more Talk bugs.
    • Problems: People hate change.
    • Kudos: Reggie really kicks ass at bugzilla!
  • Jeremiah
    • A little community chatter in #maemo and on lists
    • Gave the queue-manager a punch in the stomach to get it to index things.
    • Re-installing fremantle 5 beta SDK
  • Jeremiah
    • Trying to get fremantle SDK to work on my machine
    • re-indexing diablo on garage as it has stopped for some reason
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Beta SDK related work. Styled and Extras Assistant. Forced new style on wiki. Helped on issues and published qt4 fremantle binaries. Attended web meeting.
    • Today: Try to get everything needed to upgrade the autobuilder to Maemo5 beta SDK. Look at login issues and fix bugs.
  • Jeremiah
    • Installing Beta SDK for testing.
    • Removed 7 Gigs of old, duplicate packages from diablo
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Prepare for beta. Documentation related work
    • Today: Beta SDK related work. Style, style Extras Assistant.
  • Andre
    • Yesterdays: Prepare SDK beta ChangeLog; normal triaging work...
    • Today: Potential Brainstorm tickets; SDK beta release it seems (reset Target Milestones etc); internal weekly report
  • Jeremiah
    • Beginning to sketch out maemian, reading lintian code
    • Working on a python packaging tutorial
    • tweaks to package removal code
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: redesign meeting.
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on and published wiki styling, fixed bugs in newstyle. Talk related things. Discussed app karma and brainstorm testing. Git work.
    • Today: Fix login issues. Repository related work. Documentation related work. Some server administration related work. Work work work...
  • Jeremiah
    • Finished first version of package removal script. (Does not remove sources, that hill have to be done later)
    • Removed about 3.5 gigs of duplicate packaging on a test server, about 25% reduction.
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: Created new graphical icons/buttons for
  • Ryan
    • Yesterday: Worked on front page, filed newstyle bugs.
    • Today: Last touches on front page (Thanks, Niels!), prod Niels about last touches on wiki template, triage and file some more Newstyle bugs.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on new wiki styling, some newstyle fixes. Debugged repository issues.
    • Today: Work on new wiki styling, look at other templates too.
  • Jeremiah
    • Added a feature to
    • Lots of testing, none of it built in
    • Largely feature complete for the moment - parses a Packages file and outputs the different package version of _all_ packages in the repository
    • Need to be automated and combined with another script that moves packages from the repos to a "morgue"
  • Ryan
    • Yesterday: Yet more wiki cleanup, filed a lot of bugs on newstyle, fixed up some of the content.
    • Today: Even yet more wiki cleanup, put together and deploy new wiki front page, test and criticize new wiki style for Niels (:P), file more newstyle bugs.
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Feature jar
    • Today: Mostly syncing internal tickets with public tickets (esp. version information - different systems and workflows...)
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on newstyle, published website!
    • Today: Fix some newstyle bugs, use static version of avatar everywhere to speed things up, work on wiki style.
  • Jeremiah
    • Lots of hacking and testing of
    • Pushed to github so anyone can fork ;)
  • Ryan
    • Yesterday: More wiki cleanup.
    • Today: Yet more wiki cleanup, test newstyle.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Work on newstyle
    • Today: Work on newstyle .. publish website
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: A little newstyle bug testing -- more tomorrow.
    • 9.04-12: Wrote another blog post about site launch.
  • Jeremiah
    • Did some repo removal of more qt packages
    • Started hacking on, a script to manage duplicate packages in the repos
  • Andre
    • Yesterdays: Usual business; Some internal stuff; bug 3846
    • Today: Usual business; Feature Jar; Internal weekly report
  • Jeremiah
    • Mail, repo reduction
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Working on newstyle - Community page
    • Today: Finish content review of Community, improve "Get involved" and IRC pages, run web devel meeting.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Work on newstyle
    • Today: Work on newstyle .. getting close! :)
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: redesign meeting.
    • 9.04-12: Wrote blog post about new launch.
  • Jeremiah
    • Hacked on an automated script to move packages out of the repos to reduce the load on indexing
    • Discussed the repos and managing packages with Niels who had a lot of good ideas and experience to share
  • Ryan
    • Last few days: Wiki cleanup.
    • Today: More wiki cleanup.
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on newstyle, debugged some git repository issues.
    • Today: Work on newstyle.
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: Various newstyle bug reports and conversations.
  • Quim
    • Yesterday and before: Took officially the action of "Maemo Summit 2009 - finalise venue" from Dave. Kees and I have reduced the number of candidates to 3. I need to contact them and fix the timing for a visit by Kees and myself, hopefully on May 4th. I expect the decision about the venue to be made on that week of May.
    • Today: Contact venues and update Maemo_Summit_2009.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Mostly caught up with administravia. One expense report left :(
    • Today: Meet accountant, content revision for - fix links in community page - bug #4316, revise & review Support and Development pages & text.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Caught up on email and attended web design IRC meeting.
    • Today: Catching up on expenses and accounts, tracking email, and meetings.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on newstyle. Attended web meeting.
    • Today: Work on newstyle.
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: Wrote a News blog post about newstyle progress.
  • Dave
    • Last week: Travelled to San Francisco for the Collaboration Summit. Kept up with email & IRC, and co-ordinated with Quim on visiting possible locations (conclusion: too costly, I will travel if there is a need later to see the final venue)
    • Yesterday: Long weekend for Easter, spent the day with my parents visiting from Ireland.
    • Today: Catch up after lay-off, and commit something other than venue to this Sprint.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Followed up on some upgrades. Catched up on mail. Work on newstyle.
    • Today: Work on newstyle.
  • Andrew
    • Moved discussion on releasing HAM update to maemo-developers
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: redesign meeting.
  • Niels
    • Few days ago: Worked on Downloads styling for newstyle, small style fixes.
    • Today: Follow up on some hardware upgrades, catch up on mail. Work on newstyle.
  • Jeremiah
    • Removing a host of qt packages (v. 4.4) from diablo - they are no longer needed.
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: Moved all Checklist items to Bugzilla.
    • 9.04-12: Updated newstyle wiki page to reflect said changes (i.e., verbiage, link, etc.).
    • 9.04-12: Added (and continuing to add) new requests for newstyle to Bugzilla.
  • Jeremiah
    • Away for Easter
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Downloads api improvements, registration testing/fixes, some downloads import script fixes.
    • Today: Website bug fixes, work on newstyle.
  • Jeremiah
    • List mail, reading about the dput bug that maybe I can work on.
    • Wiki work, specifically debmaster page
    • Not much else I am afraid, I have to clean my office and get ready to go away for Easter.
  • Dave
    • This week: Attending the Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, so will be mostly unavailable (but reading email).
    • Yesterday: Web development IRC meeting (arrived late). Thanks to Tim for running & minuting it. Slow progress.
    • Problems: Wondering if Niels & Neithan have the new website as their top priority? Things seem to be taking so much longer than estimated.
  • Andre
    • Last days: Fiddling with setting up a test environment & start creating patchsets for bug 3846
    • Today: Collect a list of potential tickets for a potential brainstorm. Yes, I said "potential". ;-)
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Set up test environment for Daniel, requested more disk space for test vm, fixed time synchronisation issues on webserver cluster, traced some performance issues on internal server, worked on event registration for Quim. Fixed mail for webserver cluster. Monitored autobuilder for qwerty12. Discussed rebuild ideas with Jeremiah. Attended website redesign meeting. Pinged Ferenc about ssl issue with git.
    • Today: Downloads API improvements. Work on wiki documentation importing.
  • Jeremiah
    • Reducing the number of packages in diablo, reduced the repo by about 310 Megs. needs to come down a bit more since the package file is large.
    • Build order list refinements
    • Scan of ITt, mailing lists and #maemo
    • Preparing to package git for maemo
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Ragnaroek performance tracing/testing together with bergie. Apply karma ghost fixes. Look at static cache issues. Attend Sprint meeting. Push on SDK issues.
    • Today: Setup test environment for Daniel. More performance tracing. Work on styling issues open issues.
  • Jeremiah
    • Mailing lists with council
    • Trying to reduce the number of packages in diablo
  • Tim
    • 9.04-12: Website redesign meeting.
    • 9.04-12: Sent out meeting minutes.
  • Andrew
    • Put up draft of April 09 task log and asked for feedback/blanks to be filled in.
  • Jeremiah
    • Moved build order file to garage, working on building packages for fremantle with dpkg-buildpackage, hope to confer with Niels about the autobuild after meeting today.
  • Jeremiah
    • Nothing maemoish, working on my local infrastructure and dev machines