bluezwitch is a widget for the Maemo desktop which allows you to quicky switch Bluetooth on/off. It simply toggles between the two states., saving you quite a few clicks compared to the original Maemo way :-)


[edit] Help

You can use the settings dialogue to enter your own Switch Off message. If the widget isn't show after installation, please reboot the phone and add it again (through the Desktop Edit mode > Add Widget)

[edit] Screenshot

Nothing to see, just a simple

[edit] Authors

  • Main author: twaelti
  • Thanks to Google and the WWW for a treasure trove of information helping me bring this together

[edit] ChangeLog

The current changelog is available through the package viewer.

[edit] Roadmap

  • End of roadmap, all of its very simple functionality implemented.

[edit] Wishlist

Use this space to add possible feature wishes:

  • Indication whether bt on/off in icon (jgbreezer). I know I can click the status to find out though, Im just lazy and want to see with one glance instead of a touch and then another to cancel the dialog. Should update if something else turns it on/off too (can it be notified by dbus?) DECLINED (twaelti) Won't be implemented, as you can just glance at the statusbar area and see the bluetooth icon visible if BT is up and running :-)
  • Timed 'on' status (jgbreezer). eg. just for pairing, so I don't forget to turn it off again for battery/security. Can't think how UI would work without disrupting the quick on/off usual operation though. Maybe this is one more for the system's BT settings dialog to handle.
  • Can you add more customizable options to icon. ex. icon appearance, icon colour.
  • add an option in the settings menu to connect with a special device/mac when enabling bluetooth

[edit] Bugs

Use this paragraph to report possible bugs:

  • None known for now (YOUR NAME)