Brainstorm 2010/Community workings

This article is continued discussion from the Maemo brainstorm 2010
Please see the Brainstorm 2010 agenda for more.

[edit] Community workings

What needs doing to improve the productivity, efficiency and transparency of the team? How can the community be more productive working on community-driven tasks?

  • Assign high-level goals to contributors, who are responsible for detailed monthly reporting (Jaffa)
  • Lighten reporting overhead for contributors, and encourage continuous updates on mailing lists & more detailed break-down of tasks in wiki (Dneary)
  • Reduce number of places where one must track discussions and potentially report progress (Currently Qaiku, mailing lists, Talk, Bugzilla, wiki task page, wiki sprint page) (Dneary)
  • Reduce the number of Talk forums (Dneary)