Brainstorm 2010/Talk and mailing lists

This article is continued discussion from the Maemo brainstorm 2010
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[edit] Talk and mailing lists

Can we improve the quality, the organisation, the behaviour, the guidelines for and the Maemo mailing lists?

  • Restructure the forums so that it is possible to read 'by platform/OS' (silvermountain)
  • Implement SSO & make it cover forums (silvermountain)
  • Simple way to file bugs (silvermountain)
    Bugzilla is anything but user friendly. Maybe develop an optional 'end-user' front-end with a simpler i/f feeding bugzilla
  • Implement Andrew Black's Moderator structure suggestion (link needed!!!) (silvermountain)
  • Swap the default Seach-tool to Advanced Search (silvermountain)
    • Where?
  • Retire the Karma system
    • Or split "Thanks" into "Like" and "Useful" (buurmas)
  • Implement 'thumbs-down' for posts
  • Public/better site change tracker
    Post a much more publicly visible page showing what site-changes are being worked on, their status and ETC - and with more meaningful status-updates (read: no more "did some work on it", 'should be ready soon", etc).
  • Allow thread-creators to change their thread's subject lines
  • Add an option to filter specific threads (nicola.mfb)
  • Provide rss feeds for forums (individual threads, new posts, subforums) (rmerren)