Brainstorm 2010/Wiki

This article is continued discussion from the Maemo brainstorm 2010
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[edit] Wiki

What processes can be put in place to ensure high quality wiki content? What documentation is needed? How should it be organised?

  • Fix search (ChoMar)
  • Organise Maemo documentation better across versions (Jaffa)
    Example for Python docs:
    • Maemo 3 had Python documentation, but the canonical place for that now is the wiki ([s][s])
    • Maemo 4 had lots of PDF documentation so isn't easy to search
    • Maemo 5 has docs spread across the wiki (both current and archive), Forum Nokia tutorials and the Info Center.
  • Difficult to know whether wiki content is valid or not for a given OS. Need to make it clear which versions a Wiki page applies to (juise-)
  • Prepare Style guidelines - a set of rules for creating pages eg. a Q&A page should be different from an API page. But every Q&A page should look the same. (other styles: About (something, eg. history about N900), Tutorial, Summary page, Application description/use etc. (Robb)
  • Appoint Style maintainer (auditor) - someone(/or group) who maintains the styles and assess pages for readibility (Robb)
  • Category + summary pages - need to organize a bit, to reach useful pages. (Robb)