Wiki gardeners

The Wiki Gardeners (previously the Maemowiki Action Group) was originally founded as a focusing point for the migration and editing of content from an older wiki to this one. Our job is to fight the entropy, to keep order in a wild, wild world. A lot like gardening.

Our current mission is to be a centralized organization point for all Maemo wiki related improvement efforts.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we make sure that the wiki is a nice place for Maemo users and developers to come to find and share information.

For general guidelines on editing wiki pages, please read contributing to the wiki.

In addition:

  • The front page must remain clean. Each section will have 4 to 5 front-page links, with a category link (hidden behind "More topics") to all of the other pages in the category.
  • Pages should be split or consolidated to ensure that they are neither too long or too short.
  • Synthesize collections of content in the wiki, but link to relevant articles or official documentation, rather than copying them into the wiki.



This is a summary of the group's current tasks and TODO list. This list will evolve over time.


  • Edit old pages to update them for Fremantle and Harmattan
  • Start grouping Diablo and Bora information together behind version-specific sections, to clean up primary navigation path for visitors
  • Identify pages with information that could be organized differently, rewritten or edited, and open bugs for the changes against the Tutorials product in Bugzilla, with the Wiki component




  • Revisit navigation in wiki for the top 3 levels of links (front page, and pages linked to from front page) to improve discoverability of useful documentation, tutorials and team workspaces.
  • Help various teams using wiki for web content to make their content more visible & better organised (Sprints, Mer, etc)
  • Ensure that all orphaned pages are linked from somewhere or deleted (articles can be marked for deletion with a template). As a guideline, under 20 orphan pages is a good place to be.

Candidates for merging or organising under a hierarchy:

  • New users pages, including Maemo basics, Questions and answers, Frequently asked questions, setting up an email account, and so on. Basic subjects gathered under here would be thinks like getting started with the N810 and N900, migrating old data to new devices, simple stuff like playing media, typing special characters, user interface quirks, using wifi in universities, ...
  • Project roadmap - bringing together the 100 days initiative, the 2010 agenda, Objectives and Tasks
  • Summer of Code participation - past participations, link to project pages, description of who's who (admins, students), collect reports on completed projects...



  • See Documentation wishlist
  • Add documentation from external resources, such as
    • Use the wikify template to tag articles with a link to information outside the wiki, like so:
      and replace the URL with the URL of the documentation. Do not forget to leave the ’1=‘!


Main article: MAG:Templates

  • Put together a set of templates to assist in the categorization, tagging and expansion of articles, and help maintain a uniform style and format across the wiki.
  • Set up a template reference page.
  • Categorize all templates.


Main article: MAG:Categorization

  • Revise categories to aid the organization of articles.
  • Place articles into the correct categories.
  • Put together an categorical index with cover content/article.


Check maintenance stuff in Special:Specialpages:


New members should simply add their name to the bottom of the list and jump right into the project. We strongly suggest following the wiki@documentation.maemo.bugs user in Bugzilla to be notified of all change to wiki content related bugs.

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