Community mailing lists

There are several different mailing lists affiliated with this community. When signing up for any list, keep in mind that the community is very active -- it is not unusual to receive numerous e-mails a day, based on which lists you are subscribed to. You can either choose to receive individual e-mail messages from the list(s) or daily digests containing multiple e-mail messages per digest.



The following mailing lists are available at

News and updates about and Maemo
For Maemo users
For Maemo developers and hackers
For web and community-process related discussions
For following Maemo svn commit activity
For the Testing Squad

In addition to these general-interest mailing list, there are several more specialised project-specific mailing lists, some of which are listed below..

Subscribing via the web

To subscribe to a mailing list, follow the instructions on the list's web-page.

Note! Before reporting problems, asking questions or introducing a newly ported application please check the list archives or our web pages.

Subscribing by Email

You can also subscribe to a mailing list by sending an email with the subject subscribe to one of the following addresses:

You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. The only thing you need to do when this email arrives is to reply.

Note! Please do not edit the Subject field of your reply!

Subscribing via Nabble

The Nabble forum allow users to browse the maemo community mailing lists like a internet forum, is also possible to reply to the lists trough the Nabble forum.


Archives of the Maemo mailing lists are available through the links below:

Project specific mailing lists

In addition to the general interest mailing lists, there are many project-specific mailing lists hosted on Garage. A full list of mailing lists hosted on Garage is available at

Here is a selection of the most active mailing lists (please feel free to add your personal favourite list if it is not here yet):

Gmane Archives

Gmane, an excellent resource for mailing list archives of free software projects archives Maemo list discussions.

Maemo Announcements

Maemo Community

List for community development


Development list of the embedded linux distro used for Nokia Internet Tablets, and the n900.

Build Logs

Build logs from Maemo's "extras" autobuilder (read-only)

Modest Development

Modest development

Modest users

Modest users


Users of the Maemo Unofficial Debs (MUD) toolset

Maemo Commits

maemo commits

Maemo User

For Nokia Maemo users (non-public)

Debian Maemo Development

Debian development list for maemo packages

Debian Maemo Maintainers

Debian maintainer list for maemo packages

RSS Feeds

Gmane also has RSS feeds of the mailing lists.