Community Council/Council election Q2 2014/Candidate declarations


[edit] Candidates for May 2014 Maemo Community Council elections

The following candidates intend to stand for election to the Maemo Community Council.

Candidate list :

  • Aaron McEwan (chainsawbike)
  • Brandon Saxe (jackburton)
  • Dirk van Leersum (dirkvl)
  • Joerg Reisenweber (joerg_rw)
  • Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme)
  • Marius Miknis (Mariusmssj)
  • Niel Nielsen (nieldk)
  • Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)
  • Philippe Coval (rzr)
  • Tom Joyce (TomJ)
  • Halit Bal (HtheB

[edit] juiceme

So I might step forward then.

My introduction:

Hi, I am juiceme and I am running for Maemo Community Council.

Many of you might already know that I have been Maemo Council member for the previous period. I thought hard about stepping forward for re-election, but I might still have something to give for the community, even as I'd like to see new people join up.

My spark into joining came when I purchased a N9 device, my first linux-based mobile phone. Previously I had owned Symbian devices since early nineties but I never did any SWDEV on those as my interests were on big iron. N9 was the first small embedded device that had the same tools I was used to working with so naturally I was delighted on the possibilities it offered.

My current daily driver is the Jolla device (I got mine on the very Launching Gala last november, it's the device #240 )

I have pre-ordered the Neo900, and am eagerly anticipating it

I have degrees in EE & ME, and some university courses in Math before dropping out due to having not enough time to do family/work/university simultaneously.

My current occupation is in SW development for Telecommunication Systems at Nokia. (This is the real Nokia I am talking about, nothing to do with Microsoft). Previously I have done RF design, HW design and Test System design. I have worked in this industry for about 2 decades.

My passion is Free Software, Libre software even, and I am known to be fairly vocal FS advocate on my workplace. I use exclusively Linux/Unix variants in my work and on my own time, and am known for pestering people to drop proprietary/legacy OS'es and switch to Linux.

My SW skills include c, python, test automation and tool creation. I like kernel work and prefer to use console over any GUI's. Usually my first take at anything is to write a bash script :)

I use IRC extensively, and you might contact me by sending private message to nick "juiceme" or by calling me on the channels I frequent. I might not be online all the time, but I am always idling 24/7 and I log everything so I'll get back to you when I check my account.

I do not use proprietary IM's or social networking except for Diaspora and even that pretty rarely.

My "off the net, IRL" outdoor occupations vary a lot depending on the season; In the winter I do snowboarding, on the non-wintery-season I ride my bicycle a lot, commuting to my workplace about 50km away several times a week. On the fall I like hiking in the woods, searching for edible mushrooms.

[edit] rzr

I accepted my nomination lately check this introduction of me myself and I :

I mostly cared of MeeGo/Harmattan and now switched to its offspring Tizen (work) and Jolla (use) ... but my time resources are limited so all other candidates have my support as well.

Here some random facts :

  • I am one of the few who never used n900 but own n950 n9 n810 and jp1
  • I rebuilt/ported over 2K packages for MeeGo/Harmattan (now shared on openrepos and referred rzr's shared repo ) ...
  • On my day time I work on the other MeeGo offspring (and will probably keep those activities separated, so please respect this)
  • I've some interest into cooperation models between floss communities

[edit] nieldk

I appreciate nomination, and I do accept the nomination.

It is a great opportunity to make an influence and assist in keeping us alive. And I also think we need fresh meat with new inspiring ideas.

I think most of You knows me. I am the one who bricked several Jolla devices - but, also I am assisting and helping Jolla evolve, so that the device wont suffer from stuff that is put on eg openrepos. That is mainly what I do, break stuff kidding, but it does happen when trying to improve things. This kind of low.level work is what I adore. I am not a GUI guy, but prefer to work on the very deep basics of our devices (eg packet injection, monitoring mode on N9). I have several devices, both Haramattan, Maemo, and SailfishOS based - yes - also Android and iOS (Hardly use them LOL). That being said, most of my development atm is happening on Jolla. Propably like 75%, the remaining 25% is on Harmattan and to add it to 101%, I do spend a few minutes a month on Maemo as well. I will leave Maemo as for device - but will be using scratchbox for the amount of development I will be doing. I feel it better that I donate my N900 to the community and in this way helps evolving that platform (this is already announced). In my spare time, I am a father of two lovely daughters and a huisband. Job wise, I am a compliance manager, working for a larger aquierer in Denmark. I used to work as a professional penetration tester for a decade or more. But its time to calm down, and do less travelling to enable family time.


[edit] peterleinchen

I -Peter Leinchen, peterleinchen- hereby announce my candidation for the Community Council election Q2/2014. Some may know me already, some not. I do love our little N-gems (even the Symbian ones ) and joined the Maemo enthusiasts in 2010. Since then I could not stop to tinker with my N900/N9/N950 and learn the Linux/OSS way. I learned a lot here and soon started to see that it is also fun to give back / support (hereby continuing to learn). I do not sail (yet) but am waiting for Neo. I am the 'kind guy' and will not accept any odd behaviour. Work wise I have a ME graduate and do some programming/projecting/specification (also incl. commissioning) stuff for automation of old economy. On Windoze... Family wise I am trying to survive my two little 'human alarm clocks'.

I repeat myself and let you know that there may be times when I am not available for CC. I never ever used a mailing list (actively) but do know what IRC is (definitely not my favorite but acceptable for meetings). Keep that in mind, please.

All the best Peter

[edit] Joerg Reisenweber

What can I say, 3 terms on council already, made up my mind last minute to do another term if you want me to dedicate maximum 60min per week to that task (sorry, I'm busy with other related projects and so can't assign more of my time to the council). I will continue to do what I did so far, on a level that's comparable to what I been able to do during last 4 months. Sharing my usual notorious rant here and there, doing all that I can to keep maemo community alive and flourishing and not turning into a sandbox for a few. Continuity and sustained usability of all maemo services and devices for all users is my priority goal.

Regarding "fresh blood" I agree we need new community members helping to fill the gaps we see from old "staff" leaving resp moving on. I however think that continuity is way more important than fresh ideas which are supposed to come from middle of community anyway, rather than from council which is just supposed to facilitate any such new ideas. Candidates who demonstrate that they are willing to stick to proven traditions and best practice like announcing their candidature on community mailing list and declare/introduce themselves here have my full support and I suggest all voters to choose wisely whom to elect to council which is responsible to keep maemo alive for all of you.

Again, to make it utterly clear: you're voting for a candidate who's busy with other stuff and can't assign more than an hour or two per week to council work.

Relating "other stuff" (for the record): According to the rules I declare possible commercial interest in Maemo, due to my other project Neo900. Up to you, the electorate, to decide if that's a clash of interests or not.

[edit] chainsawbike

i dont say much...

my aim by running for council is to ensure a stable, reliable base for the further development of maemo and related projects

[edit] TomJ

I'm Tom Joyce, TomJ on

I've had at least one N900 pretty much since they came out, barring short periods when Nokia Care were caring for them, but I suspect I am only beginning to discover the true depth of the device's capability now I'm trying to find useful things for a disabled device to do. While I'm not much of a coder, I have tried to contribute advice, experience and the odd wiki page.

[edit] dirkvl


My adventure started a long time ago -like many others here- when i bought my N900. Next was the N9 and now the Jolla. My involvement on TMO started when the Jolla came out and there was a huge demand for a keyboard, there was nobody that stepped up and I could not resist the urge to step up and try.

I currently run the FunkyOtherHalf webshop, do a lot of 3D-printer babysitting and with a lot of help from others and profits from the shop continuously develop new stuff.

IRL i am a active windsurfer, do a lot of work on my old car and study Offshore Engineering, which means I design oil-drilling platforms -- which is obviously extremely related with electronics and FOSS.

I have no coding skillz whatsoever by the way. The most impressive piece of software I made was on my RPi that could turn a switch and open my front door with a command from my phone.

I have a lot of crazy ideas and excited to see how I can help out!

some projects of me: [[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]]

[edit] Mariusmssj


I would like to accept the nomination.

I am not good with introductions so I will try to keep it short and sweet.

First discovered this community after I saw N9 being announced and fell in love with it. Took me a year to get N9 but I was in the forums lurking for a while before that. Love the community and it's people got passion for open source technology. Have used N900 and do like it, just never could buy it.

I do a bit of programming but not too much my main contributions are in Jolla apps. But I would like to get more involved with the community itself.

Life wise I am a PhD student working in computer vision.

Thank you

[edit] Brandon Saxe (jackburton)

Hello all, I'm running so that I can force myself to stay involved in the community (a commitment to myself that hopefully benefits others).

I started with a Nokia N800 and then an N810. It wasn't until the N900 that I really started to get involved. With the N900, I learned how to write some basic Qt. My contributions were maecaltasks, maecaltool, and revent editor. These are all tools that used the libcalendar API. Since then, I have moved onto the N9. I have contributed some documentation on compiling kernels (driven by my own needs for iptables for Bluetooth tethering). I have also tweaked some Bluetooth tethering scripts and shared those.

My main goals with involvement in the community are keeping it alive. Personally, I have so much undone 'work', i.e. projects/ideas that I'd like to pursue in Harmattan. Some ideas I have are consolidating and mirroring all the SDK stuff needed. Also, I would like to see some Vagrant boxes built for app development and I would try to lead that effort. I have a mirror of a lot of stuff on my VPS that I also contribute and want to keep around for the community. Other tasks involve continued tweaking and learning of things on the N9. I know Harmattan was DOA, but it's the best phone I've ever owned. There's still potential to unlock.

I am also interested in Jolla and the Neo900 projects. I've waited on Jolla due to lack of support for U.S. T-mobile. Neo900 is also of huge interest, though honestly I have not had time to stay current on the happenings of that project.

Professionally, I have a mixed background. I started in data entry and learned how to automate my tasks such that I could eventually go into IT. I've done ERP, business process reengineering, computer programming, networking, etc. Jack of *many* trades, yearning to master at least some ;)

I'm jealous of others' educational background in EE,CS,CE... I had to go through an IT degree to finish my education in a timely fashion while working full-time. I did some entry CE stuff. If I were a professional student, I'd certainly go back for that first. Speaking of student interests, I'm highly interested in philosophy/logic, science (especially neuroscience), and all things 'system', e.g. economics, sociology, politics, evolution...

I am currently employed by VMware as an automation and integration engineer. My goals there are to make money. Really :) Maemo is my hobby and a passion and represents most of my open source/community work.


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