Community Council/Council election Q2 2015


[edit] Election rules

Maemo Community e.V. Association Rules / Vereinsordnung ยง 4.1

[edit] Election timetable

All deadlines are set at 23:59 UTC.

  • Election announced: 18 Jul 2015
  • Deadline for karma for electorate: TBA
  • Nomination period: 19 Jul 2015 - 29 Aug 2015 (Saturday), Candidates should have posted to Mailing list by then
  • Contemplation period: 30 Aug 2015 - 05 Sept 2015 (Saturday)
  • List of candidates announced: ~ 06 Aug 2015
  • Election period: 06 Sept 2015 - 12 Sept 2015 (Saturday)
  • Results announced: ~ 13 Sept 2015

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[edit] Nominees

[edit] Valid Candidates

[edit] endsormeans

  • Recalculated Karma 430

[edit] HtheB

  • Recalculated Karma 548

[edit] juiceme

  • Recalculated Karma 802

[edit] peterleinchen

  • Recalculated Karma 714

[edit] reinob

  • Recalculated Karma 544

[edit] win7mac

  • Recalculated Karma 390

[edit] gryllida

  • Recalculated Karma 108

[edit] Candidate Declarations

[edit] endsormeans

I lovingly known as endsormeans throw my toupee into the arena of Champions and do hereby give many head-nods of affirmation as to my candidacy for the Maemo Community Council.

[edit] HtheB

Count me in!


Edit: Seriously? Do I really need to introduce something? Do people read the Wiki nowadays at all? If so, here we go: We came to for one thing: For our beloved Linux devices! is like a family. Come as guest, stay as family.

Need to say more? It's also the home for our 'cousin device', the Jolla. Bring all pieces together, and were unstoppable!

But someone has to bring them together, (one of the persons) might as be me, if I will get elected.

Oh and this will happen if I get elected:

[edit] juiceme

My introduction:

Hi, I am juiceme and I am running for Maemo Community Council again.

Many of you might already know that I have been Maemo Council member for the last three consecutive periods. I also serve as a board member and treasurer of MCeV. I do have lots of other obligations currently so my time is pressed but being in the Council is such a fun that I decided to run for it again. :)

Originally my spark into joining came when I purchased a N9 device, my first linux-based mobile phone. Previously I had owned Symbian devices since early nineties but I never did any SWDEV on those as my interests were on big iron. N9 was the first small embedded device that had the same tools I was used to working with so naturally I was delighted on the possibilities it offered.

I also am a latecomer to N900, since I just got one this year, but to be honest have not yet had time to twiddle with it too much :) I also have ordered a Neo900 to which I am looking forward to!

My current daily driver is the Jolla device (as I got mine on the very Jolla Launching Gala last november, it's the device #240) Recently I received my new Black&Orange TOHKBD2 for it which really completes the device nicely to fill the role of ever-present mobile linux terminal!

I have degrees in EE & ME, and some university courses in Maths before dropping out due to having not enough time to do family/work/university simultaneously. My current occupation is in SW development for Telecommunication Systems at Nokia. (This is the real Nokia I am talking about, nothing to do with Microsoft) Previously I have done RF design, HW design and Test System design. I have worked in this industry for about 2 decades.

My passion is Free Software, Libre software even, and I am known to be fairly vocal FS advocate on my workplace. I use exclusively Linux/Unix variants in my work and on my own time, and am known for pestering people to drop proprietary/legacy OS'es and switch to Linux.

My SW skills include c, python, test automation and tool creation. I like kernel work and prefer to use console over any GUI's. Usually my first take at anything is to write a bash script

[edit] peterleinchen

Another okay,

I just decided to do it once more. Put me from undecided to "yeah, I go for it".

But let me state one thing: I like to serve council one more time and will happily accept if voted. But take a close look to the other (valuable) candidates, please! (something about me)

As "requested" by RzR:

  • My history:
- used lots of S40/S60 and other Nokias
- had used N95 (first true 'smartphone', loved it) and N97 (hated it) before, modded those Symbians a lot and had fun, but N95 should have had touch at (totally) delayed publishment and then there was no real "big development"
- started to use Maemo5/N900 around summer 2010, still am
- in summer/autumn 2012 I won a N950 and soon got me a used N9 to not stress the N950, hated Harmattan (due to aegis) and used it as dumbphone, but time by time (latest with open mode kernel) I started to love it too, and still do so
- 2015 may become year of Neo
- never touched Android, BB, iOS and will probably never touch the so un-like one. [okay I checked out my friend's ones, and ports to N9 do not count here ;)]
  • I am all in for the Maemo e.V. as I like Maemo to survive.
  • About Council I still see it necessary to be made of volunteers from (talk.) members. They should be elected (of course not be equipped with a "power mandate"), as I do not see another way to catch attention of public and 'shanghai' them else. Further time will tell and maybe council can get abolished at a later stage (but definitely not with a 10 member e.V.!).

What is your take on - Neo900 - Jolla

Here are my POVs.

- About Neo I would like to see it succeed as soon as possible!

Lucky we are we have the FPTF team (few of the most talented/accepted devs on Maemo) so I am sure we will get Maemo on Neo. But at the same time I am 'concerned' about its company leader's view on Maemo and the joint points between Neo/Maemo. I would like him to change his mind again (of course the Neo will never come equipped with Maemo!). How to?

- About Jolla, I would like to keep my mouth shut. Just so much that I prolly will never touch a device. I liked the project but then they lost me (hardware wise, software/OS getting better, but in the end it was their CC behaviour). [-- I have to admit I still like the idea]

Nevertheless I still have the strong opinion we already do, and should keep to, provide those users a base here on!

[edit] reinob

Cheers all,

I'd like to candidate for the next Council election. I believe I can arrange being available for IRC meetings, and I hope I can bring something to the community.


[edit] win7mac

Ok, so I'd like to throw my hat in the ring too... As most of you already know, I'm Hildon Foundation director since june 2013 and helped creating Maemo Community e.V.

Some things I like to promote in case I get elected:

  • Establishing a code of conduct for and MC e.V.
  • Bitcoin adress for MC e.V.
  • A Coding Competition, as already intended earlier
  • Better https integration across
  • Transparent mod activities

To be honest, I'd like to serve together with juiceme and peterleinchen, they did quite a decent job in their terms (so go vote for them in the first place). I want to serve a Council where people got a glimpse of what's going on and are able to attend meetings regularly. Current term, more often than not, 3/5 Councilors weren't present in meetings which ofc is counter-productive...

Best regards

[edit] gryllida


I'm Svetlana Tkachenko. I speak English and Russian, and participate as a translator for a number of free/libre projects. Last year I discovered the Free Software Foundation and joined as a member, which opened me a world of licensing issues and software freedom gaps. Mobile world is one of these gaps and I see the Maemo project contribute a diverse ecosystem of free software to the mobile world even after it was run over by the transition of Nokia to Microsoft.

I was developing for Firefox since around 2009 and then, this time on Maemo, for Fennec in 2010. I have some knowledge of C, Perl, GTK, Qt, a beginner knowledge of distro packaging. This page lists some of my past projects (it is not very up-to-date about which of the stuff was mobile). At home I use a Debian laptop with GNUstep on it (learning to develop for it is a long slow process). I participate in citizen journalism project Wikinews which is internationally scoped and also I can code in Perl while sitting upside down on a rock at 3AM.. (yes, I had read enough books and had enough exercise to be a little fluent in the language, and I also know how to write proper unit tests for a few things.)

For Maemo, I and Wikiwide had co-developed, together, a few applications, including Python stuff for Modrana, new application for keyboards virtransim, a theme and extensions for Fennec (the Firefox browser), an eyesight check application called eye4. Eye4 is a nice application originally was in HTML and JavaScript but the Maemo version is what I had written in Qt. (Now I am seeing a nice copyright header in this app which makes no sense so I will update it at a point soon...) I and Wikiwide both use IRC and I am well familiar with the chat protocol and a few chat bots for it. My timezone is UTC+10.

Wikiwide suggested me to run for Council elections this year. In accepting the nomination I have a few motivations. Not only I would like to catch up on the things which changed over the last 2-3 years while I was not actively contributing -- I expect to learn a lot of new people, mobile UX, and more about the Maemo and MeeGo platforms -- but also I would like to help the project by

  • helping to set up up-to-date translatable documentation and international outreach for the project. Most documentation is in English or German now and the infrastructure for translating is currently limited to "dump both texts in the same wiki page".
  • helping to test localization of the Maemo applications and help developers set up their applications for localization where it is missing.
  • picking a time for meetings which is convenient for both me and other members of the Council, and engaging other people to join to make it a "everyone meeting" more than a "council meeting".

Please ask me questions during the election period and I would be glad to answer.