Community Council/Council election Q4 2013

The Maemo Community Council will have its next election in November 2013, electing a new council for a 6 month term.

The election page will eventually be available here.


[edit] Election Details


[edit] Election timetable

Nominations are open till the end of the day 2013/11/30 (GMT).

Contemplation will start 2013/12/01 ending with the end of the day 2013/12/07 (GMT).

Election then starts 2013/12/08 ending with the end of the day 2013/12/14 (GMT).

[edit] Eligibility

The election processes are described in detail at Community Council/Election process.

In order to vote, a community member must have had account for over 3 months, (a account is NOT a account) and have karma of 10 or above. Candidates need to have a karma of 100 or higher. List of potential candidates Karma is earned through a variety of mechanisms, but to earn points for contributions on, you need to link account with profile.

[edit] Election material

Here you will find lists of potential candidates, statements from candidates, and other material related to the Q4 2013 elections.

[edit] Results