Community Council/Council election Q4 2013/Candidate declarations


[edit] Candidates for Q4 2013 Maemo Community Council elections

The following candidates intend to stand for election to the Maemo Community Council.

  1. Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
  2. Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
  3. Joseph Charpak / jcharpak
  4. Jussi Ohenoja / juiceme
  5. Niel Nielsen / nieldk

Election results

[edit] Candidate declarations

[edit] Rüdiger Schiller

From community mailing list [1]:

as it is getting close again (nomination period & candidates as well) I am nominating myself for another term.

So how about we get on a boat next term?

[edit] Joerg Reisenweber

From community mailing list[2]:

On popular demand I accept that nomination to do another term on council. I announce I have very little time to assign to this duty due to high workload from other projects and RL responsibilities. Up to the valued voters, I guess I don't need to introduce myself again

[edit] Joseph Charpak

From community mailing list [3]:

Hi I'm Joseph Charpak. On I go by the rather predictable name of jcharpak. I am running for a seat on the Maemo Council.

I've been a proud owner of a 770 as well as an N800, and have purchased a 64GB N9 in the last year when it became available and reasonably priced in the U.S. I'm a programmer/analyst (that's just a fancy term for what used to be called a computer programmer) My area of expertise is database stuff, specially Oracle, sql and pl/sql, along with oracle Forms and oracle reports, none of which is available for Nokia Mids or smartphones (with the exception of sql in sqlite). I've dabbled in plenty of other languages (C, C++, java, python, ada!) but am not really fluent in any of them. I appreciate the work being done at but wish we could add an N9 section to the autobuilder instead. Still it's good to have something as I believe Nokia announced it is not allowing new applications to be submitted to the Nokia Store. I like romantic dinners and long walks on the beach...just kidding I hate long walks on the beach. It's either really sandy or really rocky not to mention the whole walking part. I'd much rather stay at home, reading all sorts of technical blogs and dreaming of one day building a "trek" style game written in python and qml. I'm a big proponent of open source, else why would I be here? Please consider voting for me on the Maemo Council.

(I'm jcharpak and I approved this message)

[edit] Jussi Ohenoja

From community mailing list [4]:

Hi, I am juiceme and I am running for Maemo Community Council. I have been part of the community here for relatively short time, just 17 months. That is not a long time in a human life but surely enough to fit into a community centered around common interests.

My spark into joining came when I purchased a N9 device, my first linux-based mobile phone. Previously I had owned Symbian devices since early nineties but I never did any SWDEV on those as my interests were on big iron. N9 was the first small embedded device that had the same tools I was used to working with so naturally I was delighted on the possibilities it offered.

I have degrees in EE & ME, and some university courses in Math before dropping out due to having not enough time to do family/work/university simultaneously :) My current occupation is SW development for Telecommunication Systems, and I have previously done RF design, HW design and Test System design in previous jobs. I have worked in this industry for about 2 decades. My passion is Free Software, Libre software even, and I am known to be fairly vocal FS advocate on my workplace. I use exclusively Linux/Unix variants in my work and on my own time, and am known for pestering people to drop proprietary/legacy OS'es and switch to Linux.

My SW skills include c, python, test automation and tool creation. I like kernel work and prefer to use console over any GUI's.

[edit] Niel Nielsen

From community mailing list [5]:

This is my formal acceptance and request for participating in the upcoming council election.

My Maemo account username is NielDK and IRL Niel Nielsen. I have been an active member of this community for a good four years, and have been member of the council previously. Possibly it was the hardest time, since it was the transition from leaving a community that was regulated and sponsored by Nokia, and we had to form a council and set initial regulations / election of a legal board of director. I did not succeed very well during this period. There were a lot of internal disputes and fights between concil member / board members and directors. However, we got things started, and the council that was elected for the next period did a very good job in sorting out the mess. It is sad to see that none apparently wants to continue, but hopefully the next council will do even better. Secondly, why I am not happy about my period, was due to a load of personal issues, which I can say now have come to a (good) end, and I am getting hold of my life, and gaining more time to again be active member. I have contibuted within this community as an active member, helping other members with issues, solving problems that arose from Nokia stopping support for N9xx device. Also, I have been developing applications, utilities and libraries, that all now reside on openrepos - another great initiative to solve the lack of support/updates from Nokia. For the most, my work have been consisiting in developing improvements to kernel, but also tools and libraries that is useful for pentesting. I hope that I will be considered, and do feel asured that the next council will step up, and further improve our community and support for our devices, to have a life beyond the expectations of Nokia.

Thanks NielDK