Diablo Community Project

The goal of the Diablo Community Project is to extend the life of Diablo software and keep it fully functional.


[edit] Short Term Goals

  • Extend the usable life of Diablo and associated GUI
  • Extend the usable life of the N8x0 internet tablets
  • Focus, harness and support community contributions to Diablo
  • Facilitate updates of the software on N8x0 internet tablets (e.g. SSU)

[edit] SSU Project

  1. Promote the development of "opt-in" packages as a "community-updates" component for Diablo.
  2. Add "community-updates" component to Extras.
  3. Build new hildon-application-manager and osso-software-version-rx* packages.
  4. Install opt-in packages as "community-updates" and test.

Discuss the SSU Project here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=30648

[edit] Update Details

  • Maintains 100% compatibility for all apps
  • Installs on N8x0 NITs with cooperation of maemo.org
  • User level documentation (NOT a Nokia hacker's edition)
  • Rewrite or open previously closed components of Diablo
  • "community" and "community-testing" maemo.org repositories have been created:
deb http://repository.maemo.org/community/ diablo free non-free
deb http://repository.maemo.org/community-testing/ diablo free non-free

[edit] Current status

[edit] Upgrading to the "stable" version

  1. Understand that these packages are unofficial software updates provided by the maemo.org community with no warranty expressed or implied and are not supported by Nokia. Is is highly recommended that you have a recent backup before proceeding and that you are comfortable reflashing your device if necessary.
  2. Make sure you have not (perhaps unintentionally) removed the appropriate osso-software-version-rxXX package for your device, or if you have re-install it as SSU simply won't work without it.
  3. Visit http://repository.maemo.org/community/community.install with the built-in browser (microb) and open it with the application manager when prompted. This will install the community repository and an enabler package that loads its public key and sets up the package domain with a higher priority than the nokia-system one so that nokia-system packages can be updated.
  4. Refresh the application manager (bottom right button) so it will see the packages in the community-updates domain and offer the update.
  5. Install the update.
  6. Report any issues here.

[edit] Testing the "unstable" version

  1. Read the above section paying special attention to the warnings.
  2. Please understand that these are unstable packages and may not always perform correctly and could potentially even damage your device or data.
  3. If you still wish to go ahead, visit http://repository.maemo.org/community-testing/community-testing.install with the built-in browser (microb) and open it with the application manager when prompted. Otherwise proceed as above.

[edit] Future Goals

Efforts to rewrite or open previously closed components of Diablo have been unsuccessful. See http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=699617&postcount=461 Therefore, a plan needs to be developed to avoid obsolesence that is not dependent on the cooperation of Nokia.