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[edit] Changelog

[edit] First stable release

List of changes between 5.2008.43-7 and 5.2010.33-1:

  * Fixes: BMO#10571: ps no longer supports the -ef arguments
  * Fixes: BMO#3917: Missing Large File Support (CONFIG_LFS) in Busybox.
  * Fixes: BMO#3951: Incompatible quote handling in Busybox xargs
  * Enable FEATURE_XARGS_SUPPORT_ZERO_TERM for consistency with
    FEATURE_FIND_PRINT0 (mentioned in BMO#3951/BMO#4248).
  * Fixes: BMO#3957: Busybox does not support "ls -Q" which some scripts need.
  * Fixes: BMO#3968: grep -r can output corrupt data in error message if file
    cannot be read.
  * Fixes: BMO#4174: shell history file is overwritten after every command.
  * Fixes: BMO#4175: History cross-contamination between concurrently running
  * Fixes: BMO#7014: ash saves only 15 lines of history (increased to 100). 
  * Workaround for BMO#5317: Shell does not save command history / Busybox
    doesn't handle SIGHUP properly. 
  * Fix for multi-column ls -Q output. 
  * Fixes: BMO#419: Enable IPv6 support in busybox (and PING6).
  * Fixes: BMO#3989: Busybox "ls -s" dereferences the file.
  * Fixes: BMO#4248: Enable features in Busybox to increase its tools
    GNU/Debian compatibility.
  * Fixes: BMO#4079: busybox df does not handle root filesystem on command
  * Fixes: BMO#6606: No getopts, called by init-functions (lsb-base).
  * Fixes: BMO#8291: Enable CONFIG_LOCALE_SUPPORT in busybox.
  * Build with -mthumb to match the official Nokia package.
  * Make df rootfs mangling conditional on filesystem arguments.
  * Fixes: BMO#995: DNS resolution ignores local domain.
  * Removed unused resolvconf script. 
  * Fixes: BMO#3243: g_ether / RNDIS is broken in kernel 2.6.21
  * Fixes: BMO#2249: FM Radio frequency not set for use in Japan.
    Martin Grimme <martin.grimme@lintegra.de>
  * Fixes: BMO#2491: cant run camera applications with v4l2.
    Sakari Ailus <sakari.ailus@nokia.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3123: Patch to kernel to allow DSP framebuffer sharing on N8x0
    Simon Pickering <S.G.Pickering@bath.ac.uk>
  * Fixes: BMO#3519: Integrate screen rotation patches into stock kernel.
    Luarvique L. Luarvique <luarvique@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3455: telepathy-gabble deadlooping 
  * Fixes: BMO#4119: digest-uri omits the serv-name part causing
    authentication failure when host != serv-name
    Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@debian.org>
  * Fixes: BMO#2553: Please make folder view finger-sized.
    Daniel Martin Yerga <dyerga@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#2554: Add "Move to folder" button in main view.
    Daniel Martin Yerga <dyerga@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3004: Modest pops up even when only read messages are in IMAP
    Daniel Martin Yerga <dyerga@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3498: Add "Zooming to x%" messages to Modest. 
    Daniel Martin Yerga <dyerga@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3941: Signature separator misses trailing space (RFC 3676
  * Fixes: BMO#4803: Modest sends empty ENABLE command when IMAP server
    advertises ENABLE but not CONDSTORE or QRESYNC capabilities. 
  * Fixes: BMO#2150/NB#76448/NB#120388: PDF Reader doesn't support internal document hyperlinks.
    xujun <Jun.Xu@plenware.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#2704: PDF Reader needs more zoom levels between 50% and 150%
    Sandu Gherbe <pursisimplu2004@yahoo.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#2714: Page up should go to Bottom of Previous Page (instead of Top).
    yanghua <Hua.Yang@plenware.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#4930: PDF Reader doesn't use optimal screen width in fit width mode.
    Hauweele Pierre <antegallya@gmail.com>
  * Fixes: BMO#3519: Integrate screen rotation patches into stock kernel and X
    Luarvique L. Luarvique <luarvique@gmail.com>
  * Force building with vfp on ARM to match the official Nokia package, and
    since it doesn't compile without it anyway. 
  * Fixes: <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6502>: RandR fails
    after some time.
    Marius Gedminas <mgedmin@b4net.lt>