Documentation/Maemo 5 Developer Guide/Using Connectivity Components/Implementing Custom Connection Managers

This section introduces briefly how to implement a custom connection manager plug-in for the Maemo devices. The messaging framework in Maemo devices is based on Telepathy framework architecture.

Telepathy provides D-Bus-based framework that unifies all forms of real-time communication, for example, instant messaging, IRC, voice and video over Internet. The framework provides an interface for plug-ins to extend the protocol support by implementing new connection managers. All client applications that communicate via Telepathy framework architecture can then use these new supported protocols.

For more detailed information and source code examples, see the Telepathy framework specification by

Because the connection manager uses D-Bus for communication, it can be implemented using any language that supports D-Bus communication, even an interpreted language like, for example, Python. However, in order to allow the connection manager to run natively on Internet tablets, C or C++ is currently preferred.