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[edit] Picasa plugin for Canola - GSoC 2009 Project

[edit] Project summary

The aim of this project is to develop a Picasa plugin for Canola. The plugin will be able to access the web albums stored at Picasa, to upload new pictures, to add/update descriptions and tags). The plugin will ease and shorten the process of taking and sharing a picture on the Internet. It will also use GPS data to fill location information in picture's meta-data and to search for pictures taken in current region.

[edit] Progress

  • Backend which interfaces with Google Picasa API (done)
  • List user's albums with details (thumb, name, description) (done)
  • Add album create / delete options (done)
  • Show thumbs for pictures in each album (done)
  • Show full size pictures (done, but should export some classes from canola-core )
  • Show full screen pictures (done, but should export some classes from canola-core)
  • Add support to delete pictures from albums (done)
  • Add option to allow changes in album name, description and access (done)
  • Add support for picture uploading (done)
  • Add support for album uploading (done)
  • Integrate with Photocast (done)
  • Add support to view other public albums by username (done)
  • Add support to search for public pictures:
    • by name (done)
    • by tag (done)
    • by location name (done)
    • by location using built-in GPS (done)
  • Show comments and tags for pictures (similar to the Flickr plugin) (done)
  • Support to add comments (done)
  • Show favorites (done)

[edit] Low priority tasks

  • add option to select thumbs location

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Instructions to install the plugin

The package is available in the following repositories:

Please contact me for any problems.

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